English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone
English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone


La Roca Village Outlets

Shopping at La Roca Village Outlets, ideal for hen dos

Are you in search of a unique and thrilling way to celebrate a hen do in Barcelona? Why not add a touch of style, glamour, and above all, fun with a day of shopping at La Roca Village? This popular shopping destination, renowned for its luxury brands, impressive discounts, and picturesque atmosphere, could be the...
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The Best Places to Flirt in Barcelona

Let’s leave behind the cliché questions like “Do you study or work?” and make way for a new era where single men and women, also known as singles, have their own meeting spaces. If you are looking to meet new people, flirt or simply spend a pleasant time in good company, Barcelona offers a wide...
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birthday party barcelona

Ideas for a Surprise 50th Birthday Party

Hey, you! Yes, you, who’s there thinking about how to celebrate that special person’s 50th birthday in your life. Look no further, because here at DESPIDALIA, specialists in birthday parties in Barcelona, we have the most original and fun ideas to make that party a real blast. Hold on tight, here we go! Things to...
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best parties barcelona all week

The best parties in Barcelona all week

Whatever the night of any week, there is always something going on in Barcelona, from the best Europe’s midweek bash to a cruise on the sea courtesy of the legendary Barcelona boat party. Do you want a guaranteed night out? Check below for some sure night out in Barcelona. Monday parties Monday nights are nasty...
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best museums visit Barcelona

Discover the best museums in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain; its streets are a mixture of culture and tradition that tell one of the oldest stories in Europe. At present, Barcelona has more than 50 museums that include art, science, music, architecture, history, sport or sea, among others, a good choice for a daytime activity...
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best spots explore Barcelona

The bests spots to explore in Barcelona

The best places to explore in Barcelona Barcelona is among the nicest places to relax or tone down in Europe. There are several places to explore and have fun in Barcelona; this place has drawn tourist around the world to have a real time and leisure. If you are in a beautiful city like Barcelona...
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visit Barcelona Sant Jordi

Love is in the air in Barcelona!

Sant Jordi, the Catalan equivalent to Valentine’s Day April 23 is the day of roses, the book and love. The day of Saint George or Sant Jordi in Catalan is known as “The Day of Lovers” and is usually compared to Valentine’s Day. This day thousands of couples in love celebrate the romanticism that inspires...
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end course parties barcelona

End of course parties Barcelona

The end of a course deserves a grand send-off. When a person graduates, they automatically receive the recognition of all their acquaintances. The effort has paid off and it’s logical that these well-spent student years should be celebrated. How? Through the end of course parties in Barcelona. Why is it so important to celebrate the...
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hen do invitations

Invitations for hen dos

Although to a lesser extent, organizing a hen do involves a lot of work. It can’t compare to the wedding day, but if you’ve had to handle one, you certainly know what we’re talking about. Plus, since the wedding is a significant expense, it’s normal to look for something less costly for the hen do....
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luxury shopping in Barcelona

Luxury Shopping in Barcelona

Barcelona is known as one of the most stylish cities in Europe and one can argue perhaps the world. With that comes all the high-end shops and the local boutique stores to offer you Barcelona’s finest. So if you are an appassionate to buy you must walk by this streets as an hen do activity...
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tips to organise a hen do

Tips on how to organise a hen do

If organising a party is something that is never easy, when we talk about a hen do it can be mission impossible. Especially if you want everything to go smoothly, which is probably the intention you’ve been asked to handle it with. We’re going to give you the keys and advice on how to organise...
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hen dos and stag dos in Prague

Hen dos and stag dos in Prague, activities in the Czech Republic.

Beyond our borders, there are brilliant places to celebrate hen dos and stag dos. Prague is one of those places that Brits and Germans have begun to use for their parties. Affordable prices, not too strict rules, and the friendliness of the locals who don’t seem bothered to share their city with groups of friends...
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extreme sport stag dos

Extreme sports for adrenaline-filled stag dos

If you’re bored of always having the same stag do, then it’s your own fault. We’ve talked heaps of times about the vast number of options when it comes to organising a completely different stag party. This time we want to delve into the world of the most extreme adventure sports, only suitable for the...
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what to do in barcelona

20 things you must do if you’re on a stag or hen do in Barcelona and you’re not Spanish

When it comes to the ultimate stag or hen do, Barcelona has it all. But if you’re a non-native preparing for a grand Catalan send-off, things might seem a tad daunting. Not to worry, though! We’ve assembled a top-notch list of 20 quintessentially Barcelona experiences for your farewell to single life, brimming with style, charm,...
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Outdoor sports Barcelona

Outdoor Sports in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city of many parts. It has many activities to go round. Whether one is given to enjoying the adrenaline rush or others who just want it nice and slow, Barcelona has them all covered. It is a city suitable for adventurers and fun-seekers that enjoy a wide variety of fun games. There...
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Twerking classes in Barcelona for hen parties

Would you like to learn Twerking?

Dancing is a fun and entertaining way to move the body and never better. To some, wearing your tracksuit for a few sessions at the gym is a daunting task, what if you talk the tracksuit and do something more fun with it-dancing. I know you haven’t heard about that. So today we will explore...
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stag do movies

The best stag do movies

Remember the Rambo-style stag do we talked about some time ago? Discover the best stag do movies. The truth is that it’s quite a spectacular idea. The world of cinema is a perfect source of inspiration for original ideas to celebrate a hen or stag do. But it has also been the other way around....
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