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Bubble Football: The Most Fun and Amazing Sport

Bubble Football is a game played whilst the players are encased in a bubble. The bubble can be an inflated torus and is designed to cover the player’s head down to the upper body. The game of bubble football is gaining traction and popularity all over the world amongst people seeking great fun and pleasure. The game is also known as zorbing, bumper balls or bubble soccer. It can be played indoors in a sports hall or outdoors, played on grass.

Bubble football is a high quality game that enhances psychological strength, promotes mental and physical health and boosts general health and wellbeing. It is used to enhance team spirit and interaction.

History of Bubble Football

Bubble football was invented by two men called Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden. The game started in Norway and was not well received in the United Kingdom because people could not see a future for it. However, in 2014 the game was introduced in the United States of America and New Zealand and thus became a hit.

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How Bubble Football is Played

There are at least three different ways which bubble football can be played. Firstly, a group of people would stand at one end of the pitch and another player stands at the other end of the same pitch. The single player is expected to run towards the group and dive at them with the intention of knocking down as many people in the group as possible. This is called the bubble bowling.

Secondly, two players can line up in a circle drawn on the ground. They are both expected to push each other until one of them succeeds in eliminating the other from the circle. This style is called the bubble sumo.

Thirdly, a player is given the onerous task of knocking down as many other players as possible while in the bubble. The chosen player is meant to try and stop the other players from getting from one end of the pitch to the other. Any of the other players that get knocked down will have to join the player in the middle.

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The regular game has two teams of five players dressed in inflatable balls trying to put the ball in the opposition’s net.

Events to Play Bubble Football

There are many events that people can introduce bubble football to ensure the maximum pleasure of guests. Some of them are:

Company Events

Company events like retreats, team-building sessions, health and well-being programmes are ideal forums to make people play bubble football. This is because the game is good for team-building. The players would have to strategize on how to outdo one another during the game to knock someone out or prevent others from knocking the out. This builds mental capacity and teaches good lessons in business strategy.

Charity Events

Another perfect event for bubble football is a charity event. A charity event is one organised principally to raise funds that would be channeled to making life better for the less privileged. Because of how much fun bubble football can bring to both the players and the spectators, it is a good way to attract the right people to a charity event. The aims of such invitation would include enjoying the game and also donating to charity.

Stag Group Activities

A stag group party is a type of party organised for men only, especially when a group of men accompany their friend who is about to get married. Bubble football would make a great day activity at such events because of its potential to create fun and laughter. As well for Hen Do Parties.

School Tours

Schools on tour can also take advantage of the fun that this game brings and make it a part of what their pupils or students enjoy during such tours. It can be part of a competition between schools or competition between groups of the same school. In any way the school chooses to organise this, the game will help the students learn about team work. The students can be sure of improved mental and physical strength after these sessions and most importantly, they are sure to enjoy themselves while doing this.

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Rules of Bubble Football

Just as most other games, bubble football is played according to laid down rules.

  1. No Use of Jewelry and Sharp Objects

Jewelries or other sharp objects should not be worn during play. This is to reduce the risk of injury to players. If a player must use glasses, then such must be worn with a strap or eyewear retainer to hold the glass to the player’s body all through the game.

  1. Match Duration

Every bubble soccer match should last for 12 minutes in each half. There are two halves in a game. However, the teams involved can mutually agree on time reduction – to ten minutes for instance. Such agreement has to be entered before the game starts. There should be a half-time interval of at least five minutes when the players are expected to catch some breath.

  1. Scoring

A goal is deemed to be scored when the ball has crossed the goal line within the goal posts and bars as long as there was no infringement or foul committed before the goal was scored.

  1. On the Ground Rule

As a key part of this game, players are usually knocked down. Any player who has been knocked down must be allowed to get up again before the opposing team makes another contact. This rule has to be followed strictly so that players are not hit while they are on the ground as this may cause injury.

  1. Ball in the Bubble

If a ball gets stock in a player’s bubble, play can be stopped temporarily by the referee so that the ball is retrieved. The referee drops a ball to restart the game afterwards.


Bubble football is an amazing game that brings much fun and pleasure. Are you planning a trip to Barcelona with a group? This is one game you should all be involved in.