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Room scape in Barcelona

Escape Game is a name that is normally given to a type of physical game where the contestant are in a room locked up and using every component or item they have access to in the room to get out. In another way, escape room games are games in which any set of people, from 4 upward, are obligated to get the solution of some series of puzzles, for them to escape from their conferment. It is also recognized as Room Escape and gives the player(s) involve an imaginary situation with a secret that needs to be solved. A perfect option to do a funny activity for your events, team building activities or hen parties in Barcelona.

In 2006, the first escape game was made in Silicon Valley by a group of programmers. Later, many countries adopted the method of entertainment and Takao Kato was created in Japan as a real Escape Game. We tend to bring to you different alternatives of fun that will stimulate your imagination.

China and Japan are the two foremost countries in room escape game and that have a greater demand for the form of entertainment, but in Spain it has gotten a wide reception. Some companies are not involved in carrying out these activities between their workers to instill the quality of working as a team and aid in the improvement of the relationship between them. In Spain for example, many firms have been specialized in creating the games of escapism, mainly in the cities of Barcelona. Irrespective, of the various topics, they decided to select the fearful film Saw to create the roles of the players. Terror, skill, tension, stress and intelligence all mixed up for this type of escape group games in the city of Barcelona.

Where to play escaping games in Barcelona

You want to give it a shot by trying? The following are two places you can do that during your vacation in Barcelona

Picadero Hotel

At Picadero Hotel, in the Gracia district of Barcelona, ​​you can enjoy a frightening vacation in which you will have to pass through series of intelligence tests and multifaceted mental ability to test you for you to leave the hotel. Though the name causes deception, in Picadero Hotel you will requisite all your liveliness to escape “the Picador”, cruel murderer who cuts up their unprotected victims.

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Escape Rooms in Barcelona offers you the prospect of enjoying an exclusive emotion that you can only leave all thanks to your intelligence and skill. As they say, it’s easier to get inside, but coming out is greatly dependent on you. In the boulevard of Industry of Barcelona, you will discover Jigsaw Escape rooms with terror in their undiluted state. Different routines with more frightening scenes to serve and give the contestant in every situation with a sense that they are in choice between their life of death and it is dependent upon them. It has been advised that this game isn’t for people with cardiac problems.


Retobox is another extremely suggested substitute for escapism games in the plains of Barcelona. Logic, wit and lateral thinking are all put to the test in this distinct contest that will oblige all your intellect to reach the set goal.

Best Escape Games to play in Barcelona.


This is a wonderful game that is comprised of two to six people with sixty minutes and just one exit. That is Enigmik’s escape game offer for “The Bunker”. This game has been recommended for coworkers, group of friends and perfect for a family for building an exercise. Enigmik is situated at the Carrer Rosselló, 508. Players are stimulated to cooperate with one another because, the Enigmik child always says, you won’t ever get it. Some Enigmik are between team, but the majority of the puzzles need cooperation from all members. The game is about team building. Another element that differentiates this game is the rhythm that is installed to the team in resolving of the different challenges they will face. The time needed to solve each of the puzzles in the game is perfectly estimated and remove excessive delay.

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Escape Barcelona

Escape Barcelona bargains two different adventures: The Lost temple and the Curse of the Pharaoh. The Curse of the Pharaoh is an Egyptian mystery, while Lost Temple is a secret involving a Mayan tribe. The game can be played by two to five people and is for people over the age sixteen.

Picadero Motel

This is a horror escape game, which offers two different levels: chicken or brave. The contest is to escape from a motel that you have been totally locked in. The game is designed for two to six players and must be above 18 years to take part in, because of the horror nature of it. If you don’t understand Spanish, don’t worry because there is an English version. The game lasts for 90 minutes with only one way out for you. Have you considered giving it a try but no one to go with you; this isn’t an issue because you can participate with other individual players to have fun with and play.

The Challenge of Picadero Motel

Doors are closed in this motel and you have to escape no matter what. While trying to escape, you discovered who owns the live escape game or room escape. He purposely locked you up to keep you his prisoner and you know it’s not just for his amusement. Sound difficult right? Yes! But it isn’t impossible to give it a shot. Another important thing about the game is that, for that delegated 90 minutes you might not find your way out.

Chicken Banana 

Chicken Banana offers two diverse escape games: Psiquiatra and Mafia, two secrecies that are lurking just for you to come and unveil! To enjoy this game, it should be between 3 to 6 people and can also be played by two.

If you think you got a lot of time during your vacation in the City of Barcelona, come spend your time and enjoy some of the game escapism. No excuse because you have all the places to play it out.