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The Ultimate Sin Send-off Package in Barcelona

“We are specialists in hen and stag dos in Barcelona. We know exactly how to organise a spectacular party and in our ‘The Last Sin’ party package we offer a range of perfectly combinable activities for an incredibly good time.

This star package includes a comprehensive plan packed with loads of fun and endless laughter. If you want to find out what it’s all about, all you have to do is keep reading and don’t miss out on learning something more. Hen and stag dos carried out with the ‘The Last Sin’ party plan in Barcelona leave no one indifferent. Are you going to miss it?


Whether you have to organise a hen do or stag do, the ‘The Last Sin’ party package in Barcelona is valid for both. Furthermore, it is a plan with morning, afternoon and night activities for you to have a truly unforgettable day.
Organising a hen or stag do is not always an easy task, but we offer an incredible experience that will save you many headaches. You can combine a multitude of original, cheerful and sensational activities in the easiest possible way.

What’s included in ‘The Last Sin’ party?

In this way, our ‘The Last Sin’ hen and stag do plan includes the following activities: catamaran party, dinner, stripper or male stripper, nightclub and drink. We will talk at length about each of these activities so you know exactly what they involve and how they are carried out.

Price of ‘The Last Sin’ package

A stag or hen do is not the same without a fun plan that satisfies the whole group. Although, naturally, the main thing is that the groom or bride is comfortable and integrated in their own party.
For this reason we have prepared a scandalous plan full of very intense emotions from only €100 per person. This price applies to groups of 10 or more people. For smaller groups it is also possible to book, although you will have to check with us.

In this way, enjoy an incredible party on a boat, as well as a delicious dinner at one of our exclusive restaurants. Similarly, let yourselves be carried away by the seductive dance of a professional stripper or male stripper after dinner. And to top off the long day, don’t stop dancing and meeting interesting people in a trendy nightclub. Isn’t the plan exciting?


This activity is ideal for the morning or afternoon. It is a journey on a large catamaran in the company of your best friends. Could there be a better plan than a boat party in Barcelona?

These parties leave from Port Olímpic de Barcelona on a boat with a capacity for 80 people. That means you will be with other groups or people from other parties to have twice as much fun. Thus, during the journey you can enjoy the best music and the best atmosphere. Moreover, you will be able to swim in the sea whenever the boat decides to stop.

Our ‘The Last Sin’ party plan in Barcelona includes high sea fun, only suitable for beach, sun and wave lovers. There is no doubt that the protagonist of the evening will be very happy with the party you have organised so tastefully.

Food, drink, 3 hours of navigation and a dip

This boat party takes place at sea with music, food and good dips. For three hours you will sail the sea to be able to do a bit of everything. The first thing is the appetiser with olives and chips, followed by a salad, a good barbeque of butifarra and hamburgers, as well as drinks. And to top off the meal, a very fresh and nutritious fruit salad.
All this without forgetting that you will be surrounded by the best atmosphere, always having fun with the guests from other parties. In this way, the plan has music that will animate the entire several hours long journey. At the same time, you will enjoy the best swims, the best food and an open bar of water and soft drinks, together with a sangria or beer.

Boat party ideal as morning or afternoon activity

A boat party is a perfect plan to start any hen or stag do in an incomparable way. To access this unparalleled experience, you need to book in advance and have the best attitude to make the most of the moment.
Group parties have become an unforgettable alternative to enjoy sunny beach days. The truth is that it is perfect as a morning or afternoon activity. It doesn’t matter, the important thing is to laugh, dance, eat, drink and take a dip in the high sea.


At DESPIDALIA we have many restaurants for hen and stag dos, the best ones. Dinners can be held in private rooms for your maximum privacy or semi-private rooms with other groups. Either way, you can later opt for the sensual show of a male stripper or stripper.
You can freely choose the restaurant you want, although it all depends on the availability of the place and the tastes of the group. After a busy day you must regain your strength and nothing better than doing it with a good dinner. Take a look at our best restaurants and start the night as you deserve.

The menus are very complete, although everything is little for that special friend who deserves the best for a day. The venues are located in different parts of Barcelona so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Then you can access the best show without having to move. Planning a party has never been so easy thanks to our Barcelona party package ‘The Last Sin’.

Choose from one of our restaurants

When choosing a restaurant, not any option is always valid. At DESPIDALIA we have the best alternatives so you can have an exceptional evening. It is impossible to compete with this high-level offer that we show you. First, party on a catamaran, and then dinner in one of our exclusive restaurants.
Choose from all our options. We have numerous places to choose from, in different areas of the City and surrounding areas. In this way you can choose between Paseo de Gracia, Terrassa, the Eixample district, Parc Güell, La Barceloneta, El Born, Les Corts, Sabadell and many other places of interest. You just have to opt for the place that suits you best and see the menus of each restaurant before deciding.

Private or semi-private rooms

These restaurants for hen and stag dos have private or semi-private rooms, depending on your needs. In the private rooms no one will bother you and you can enjoy your privacy. In the semi-private rooms you will have the company of other party groups to experience the party accompanied by other people. It’s up to you how you do it!


These shows are for your group only, after dinner. You’ll choose the stripper or male stripper you want, as long as they’re available. As experts in stag and hen dos, we present one of the most attractive shows, accessible with our Barcelona stag and hen do package, The Ultimate Sin.

Their mission is to ensure your entertainment from beginning to end. Hire this plan with a stripper or male stripper in Barcelona, a classic, and bid hen do to the singledom of the guest of honour as they truly deserve. Actually, there’s no complication, this package is about enjoying the party and more party. No more!

Stripper Show

The strippers in Barcelona are perfect for celebrating that stan do you’ve been waiting for so long. Within this foolproof plan, we couldn’t ignore this classic among classics, a fun, sensual and magical activity you’ll never forget.

Hiring a stripper is the ideal choice to say goodbye to freedom. When organising a perfect stan do in Barcelona, the entry of a stripper in action cannot be missing. If your best friend is getting married, this is the best guarantee for a fabulous night.

With our The Last Sin package, it’s easy to experience a unique and surprising night. First on a boat, then licking your fingers with a great dinner, and culminating the evening with a sensual stripper. But there’s still more.

Good food in a specially indicated environment and a show full of sensuality and eroticism to continue the night with batteries charged. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about anything at all. Leave all the work to us. Your job is to make sure the groom enjoys like never before. That and no other will be your main task!

Male stripper Show

The male strip show in Barcelona are another great classic that never goes out of style. In a hen do, those bodies that move to the rhythm of music, as well as their sensual and provocative dances, cannot be missing.

Thus, the bride will not be the only one to enjoy, but all of you will be able to contemplate a great variety of male strippers in action. Choose the restaurant that best suits the group and opt for the male stripper you think will please the future bride the most.

And there’s nothing better than enjoying a good dinner and ending with a show of this caliber. Hiring a male stripper is a sure bet to end the dinner with the best dessert.


In our The Ultimate Sin stag and hen do package, an entry with a drink at a trendy place is also included. At DESPIDALIA, we don’t believe in VIP lists or the like, which at a given moment can leave you stranded. It’s best to opt for an entry, the price of which may vary depending on the disco you choose.

When organising a hen do, there are many surprising ideas and very curious alternatives, although the best thing is to enjoy a full day. This plan that we show you ends in the best possible way, that is, dinner with show and disco.

Our discos for hen do are magnificent, as they all have spacious rooms to move around freely. Our tickets include entry to the place and one free drink.

In Eixample or Port Olímpic, two of the most popular neighbourhoods in Barcelona, many nightclubs and discos are concentrated, perfect for celebrating stan do. It all depends on your musical tastes, as each of these places has a different decoration and different music styles.

Discos in Barcelona

The Catwalk Disco, for example, is one of the most popular in the city. It is located in the Olympic Port of Barcelona and there take place performances of international DJs. To find it, you will have to go to Ramón Trias Fargas street, in Marina Village.

It has three different environments to listen to different types of music, from house to funky, through R&B. It also has a terrace with sea views to have a quiet drink and chat amiably. There’s no doubt that it’s an ideal place to spend a unique night.

The Sala Bikini Disco is another of the most interesting discos in Barcelona. When it comes to enjoying friends or celebrating a stan do in style, it’s a spectacular alternative. It is located on Diagonal Avenue and is one of the city’s most popular clubs due to its age. It has two different rooms for organising celebrations and concerts.

The Barroko’s Disco, on the other hand, is on Aribau Street. This is another very busy disco with two different atmospheres in two alternative rooms. In this way, customers can choose from several different types of music, such as house, commercial music, Latin hits, pachanga, etc. On Fridays, there are also bizomba, bachata and salsa classes for anyone who wants to learn.

More Nightclubs for Send-offs

The Costa Breve Nightclub is located on the street that shares its name, right in the upper part of Barcelona. Like other venues we have mentioned, it has two different rooms. The main room has 3 distinct bars, while the “Cocktail” room is a more tranquil and peaceful place. This nightclub plays current hits and other iconic songs from the past.

The Bulevard Culture Club Nightclub is another venue located in the Eixample district, very close to Barcelona’s Ramblas. It’s quite a large nightclub, boasting 3 spectacular rooms. Here you can listen to hip hop, dance, house or the most commercial current hits. It regularly hosts a multitude of parties and DJ sets.

The OAK Nightclub is located on Roselló street, in the Eixample district. We’re talking about a place whose atmosphere is inspired by the famous beach clubs. Thus, its decor is authentically summery and its team of employees are dressed for the occasion in bathing suits. Inside, there are all kinds of live shows and performances, like gogo dancers, as well as all sorts of alternative music: dance, pop songs, house, Latin hits, and so on.


The first thing you have to ask yourself is, what do I want to include in my friend’s send-off? If you’re clear that you want to make the most of the day and celebrate a grand party, then there’s no doubt. Booking the Ultimate Sin package for send-offs in Barcelona is a very authentic idea for original and unique goodbyes.

As you know, when it comes to planning a send-off, it’s necessary to book several services. Usually, you have to do this separately, which means wasting a lot of time and a significant effort.

The first thing to do is set a collective budget and from there plan different activities and services. However, if everything is done for you and at a more than reasonable price, why bother doing it yourself?

This option we’ve suggested is one of the most popular. It’s a very comprehensive alternative to organise the best send-off. We’ve explained what it consists of and the activities it includes, although you can always contact us to tell us what you need.

On our platform, we offer a multitude of very different activities to cater to the tastes of all our customers. The Ultimate Sin package contains a mix of the most demanded so that you don’t have to think too much and find all the work done.

Request more information about this interesting package and if you wish, include some more options, be it a spa, urban activity, a limousine ride, and so on.

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