Beauty party in Barcelona

ONLY 30€

  • Languages: English and Spanish

  • Duration: Approximately 3 hours

  • Price: 30€ per person

  • Minimum group: 4 people (if there are less, payment will be the same as for 4 people)
  • Maximum group: 10 people
  • Location: Barcelona (Calle Sants)

  • When: all year from Monday to Saturday, time according to availability.

Feel like a diva for your hen do day

The beauty party has turned into the most fashionable event among the girls, especially among those with a liberal, free-and-easy, modern attitude, who love fashion and the city. And the truth is that this party is an ideal event for spending a while with the girls, with your best friends talking about beauty, getting the best tricks to always look perfect, and taste some delicious cocktails. Everything is designed so that you feel like a diva for the day.

The best beauty parties in Barcelona with Despidalia

What better occasion is there to get together than a hen do with your best friends? Don’t hesitate to organise a beauty party in Barcelona for your friend’s hen do, as you’ll have an enjoyable time and receive the best treatments while you enjoy an original and very feminine hen do that is full of fun. The beauty party is much more than just beauty, as it’s a big party in a private room where you can sing your favourite songs, and enjoy a delicious bite to eat.

beautyparty 1 - Beauty Party - 30€
beautyparty 4 - Beauty Party - 30€
beautyparty 3 - Beauty Party - 30€
beautyparty 2 - Beauty Party - 30€

We have different options for your beauty party

Beauty Party Option 1

Basic Fish Pedicure. This is a very fashionable pedicure during which small fish are used. To do so, you put your feet into a small fish bowl and the small fish take care of the rest (they will remove any hard or dead skin…). This pedicure will also provide a very pleasant feeling for your feet which will feel very relaxed afterwards.

Water massage sensation to ease tension and soften your feet after the pedicure.

Champagne or cocktail

Assortment of canapés


Beauty Party Option 2

File and Paint your feet nails

Champagne or cocktail

Assortment of canapés


Beauty Party Option 3

Touch up your Make-up

Champagne or cocktail

Assortment of canapés


The party is carried out in a very carefully decorated private room in the purest avant-garde style, and with the touch of glamour that a beauty party deserves.

Enjoy the most chic, glamorous, and trendy party with your friends!

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