Cluedo / CSI in Barcelona

ONLY 35€

  • Languages: English, French or Spanish

  • Duration: 2 to 2.5 hours

  • Price: 35€ per person

  • Minimum group: 12 people (if there are less, please contact us)

  • Location: Port, Gothic Quarter, or Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

  • When: during the whole year, and any day or time depending on availability

Solve riddles in a mystery activity for bachelorette parties

An ideal day activity, unravel the puzzle and mystery while you get to know Barcelona. Cluedo / CSI in Barcelona for your hen do.

Between 2 to 2.5 hours of fun, you’ll be unravelling the mystery as if you were a CSI team, and we will even give you the t-shirts.

This activity can be carried out at the port, the Gothic Quarter, or the Sagrada Familia. Unravel the mysteries of Barcelona and solve the puzzle.

A team of professionals working for your hen do

Challenges and clues to solve together with a team of professionals who will make you have a really fun and original time, and the activity is ideal for hen parties in the morning or afternoon around the wonderful city of Barcelona. If you like solve puzzles you can try our scape room activity, another mystery activity that ensures funny moments.

csi 1 - Cluedo / CSI - 35€
csi 4 - Cluedo / CSI - 35€
csi 3 - Cluedo / CSI - 35€
csi 2 - Cluedo / CSI - 35€

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