Escape the room in Barcelona

ONLY 20€

  • Languages: English, French and Spanish

  • Duration: 75 minutes

  • Price: 20€ per person (minimum of 2 and if there are less, the price is like you were 6 people)

  • Minimum group: 2 to 18 people

  • Location: district of Clot

  • When: all year, everyday and hour depending on availability (VERY POPULAR ACTIVITY!)

To find the perfect activities for a fun hen do isn’t easy, but at Despidalia we have the most irresistible alternatives to have a great time with a plan that will make you use all your ingenuity, in order to solve the mystery in Barcelona.

Funny adventure of intrigue and mystery

Do you think you’re able to successfully escape from a flat which is infected by a dangerous virus? Will you be able to successfully solve a complex mystery? In this fun adventure of intrigue and mystery, attendees will have to discover the whereabouts of an archaeologist, investigator, and scientist called professor Viruel, who had mysteriously disappeared after discovering the V-13, which is a primitive virus that could turn out to be very dangerous for the human race. In order to do so, you must go to his flat and gather the necessary clues that will help give away his whereabouts.

escape 1 - Escape the room - 20€
escape 2 - Escape the room - 20€
escape 4 - Escape the room - 20€
escape 3 - Escape the room - 20€

What does this activity includes?

This activity includes:

  • An escape game which lasts 75 minutes in which you must follow the clues to successfully solve the mystery.
  • An activity located in the fabulous district of Clot in Barcelona.
  • Ideal for groups of 2 to 18 people.

This is certainly the best introduction to a day of fun activities where the bride-to-be and all of you will have a great time trying to solve this mystery, and find the solution to the strange disappearance. While you are playing the activity against the clock, the clues will have to be deciphered with the aim of winning at the end of this amazing experience, which is perfect for those creative fiancées who love different and unique plans.

Best activity for small groups

This is a hen do of mystery that everyone will like, and it’s ideal for small groups who are looking to have a good time in a different way with this field day, which is perfect for mornings or afternoons.

Get ready for an experience like never before! Book this fun option and give the bride-to-be a day that she’ll never forget. Because intrigue and mystery also have their charm, even for saying goodbye to being single.

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