Class of Hawaiian Dances in Barcelona

ONLY 15€

  • Languages: English and Spanish

  • Duration: 1,5 Hours

  • Price: 15€ per person

  • Minimum group: 10 people (if there are less, payment will be the same as for 10 people)

  • Maximum group: 25 people

  • Location: Installations in Barcelona (Plaça de la Virreina)

  • When: during the whole year, and any day or time depending on availability

Hawaiian dances as a hen do activity

To organise an original and fun hen do, we recommend our studio of Hawaiian dances as an afternoon activity for your hen do.

You’ll have an enjoyable afternoon learning how to Hula dance, a traditional Hawaiian dance that will carry you off to the wonderful islands of Hawaii. We will use an easy and fun dance for this so that you can all follow it easily.

Original Hen Do for only 15€

Age and physique don’t matter, the most important thing is to have the desire to have a good time, and to enjoy a fun and original hen do for only 15€ per person. It’s important to call us in advance and make a reservation.

hawaiian 1 - Hawaiian class - 15€
hawaiian 4 - Hawaiian class - 15€
hawaiian 3 - Hawaiian class - 15€
hawaiian 2 - Hawaiian class - 15€

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