Laser Combat in Barcelona

ONLY 30€

  • Languages: English and Spanish

  • Duration: 2 Hours

  • Price: 30€ per person

  • Minimum group: 10 people (if there are less, payment will be the same as for 10 people)

  • Location: in the private rooms of our restaurants when a dinner or lunch is reserved

  • Shopping: cash or cards are accepted, and there is no obligation to buy!!!!!

  • Products: you will receive your product when you make your purchase, so that you can easily take it back in your suitcase.

  • When: during the whole year, any day or time depending on availability

Laser Combat, ideal activity for bachelorette party

An adventure morning or afternoon activity, laser combat, ideal for the most combative people! Laser combat is the evolution of traditional paintball and has many advantages over it, ideal for an original bachelorette party, because:

– It does not hurt, since there are no painful impacts.
– No mask or protector is necessary.
– The shots are unlimited.
– You can not cheat!

Big Fun with Laser Tag activity

This activity takes place in Santa Susanna, near Barcelona, ​​where for 2 hours of fun you can play different laser combat modalities.

The price of € 30 per person evidently includes the weapons, the vest and the paint, both of camouflage, to give it that authentic realist touch. If the group is 10 or more participants, the bride is free.

– Languages: Spanish, Catalan and English
– Duration: 2 hours
– Price: € 30 per person
– Location: Santa Susanna
– When: from Monday to Sunday, all year.
– Groups: minimum 10 people (others consult).

lasercombat 1 - Laser combat - 30€
lasercombat 4 - Laser combat - 30€
lasercombat 3 - Laser combat - 30€
lasercombat 2 - Laser combat - 30€

Any doubt? Ask us!