First cat cafeteria has opened in Barcelona

Good Tidings

The bind between man and animals has always been a fond one since time immemorial. You can think of any animal that has been domesticated and you will come up with the right combination of emotions to bond the animals with the humans in ways one cannot explain. One of the animals that has become a darling of man for the longest time is the cat. You only need to check social media sites to know that the love for cat compares to nothing else. And now, the first cat cafeteria has opened its doors in Espai de Gats in Barcelona. If you are a cat lover and need a feline friend, here is your next stop.

For the Love of Cats

Who does not love the soft purr of the cats when they are happy and quietly sleeping? Or the soft fur when they rub themselves against your feet? Well, at the moment, you can experience this and much more in Espain de Gats in Barcelona. If you love cats or are a ‘cat person’ as some say, Espain de Gats is the place to should look out for when in Barcelona. Here you will meet all types of your furry friendly and have your time with them. You will pat them, carry them in your lap and even take pictures with the cute fellows at your own will as long as you are there.

Twist of Uniqueness

The Espain de Gats is like any other restaurants out there save for a few things. First of all, you get to buy your coffee or other food items you want at your table. The twist comes in given the fact that, rather empty seats all around you, you will have your furry friendly all around you. They may ask for a bite but all that is part of the drill as you are supposed to make friends with them. Do not be afraid, however, given that they are all well-mannered and will not make a scene. If you love cats, you know how to make friends with them. They quickly get attached to you or the vice versa and the bond will soon seem to be a match made in heaven.

Basket of Goodies

Besides the food in the restaurant and the ability to meet your feline friends, there is the clear benefit of using other services provided such as Wi-Fi, music, books and many others. Consider these goodies as additions for your love for the feline fellows. We all know how fast cats can make bonds with human beings. Before you finish that cup of coffee or tea, you would surely have spotted a beauty in the crowd that you want to take home with you. Do not be afraid to ask for him or her. You can use the free Wi-Fi to search more about what the cat breed you have fallen for is taken care of while at the Espain de Gats.

Facilitating Adoption

The aim of the Espain de Gats cafeteria is to effectively give the feline fellows a home where they can call their own. Unlike buying a cat from a firm that specializes in cats, the ones at Espain de Gats cost way less than that. For a start, they will be going for between 80 to 150 euros for each cat. Surely there is no better price anywhere that can beat that. You get a cat at whatever age you choose that is vaccinated, well-mannered and ready to add joy to your life without a fuss. Better yet, you have a cat that will be lucky to call your home its own home for all of the cats there are in need of an actual home.

Best Cats Around

When you decide to have a cat from Espain de Gats, there are various benefits you enjoy besides the lower prices mentioned above. First is the fact that the cats have all been vaccinated. They are thus free of any disease that they infest cats. What this means is that the cats have undergone medical checkups to make sure that they are free of any problems be they fleas, worms, rabies and anything you can think of. Then there is the issue of having a chip to ensure that you know exactly where the cat is once to take him or her home. Lastly, the cat has been sterilized to keep out any chances of breeding without your consent.

More on the Way

From the same people who have brought us the Espain de Gats cafeteria, expect so much more in terms of the cats and everything about the cats. Besides the availability of cats for adoption, they intend to spread awareness on cats in various ways including organizing workshops and other courses about how cats behave, how to take care of their health and nutrition and its general wellbeing. If you need to learn a few things about how to have the healthiest and happiest cat on the planet, nothing will beat spending a few hours with the organizers of the Espain de Gats. It will be worth the effort. For those of us who love cats, this is an opportunity we cannot let go of easily.

Getting Going

If you are interested in having your time with the cats and taking home one, there are various ways that the Espain de Gats cafeteria is allowing you to do so. First of all, you will need to reach the Gracia neighborhood to find the Espain de Gats cafeteria. Then you can choose between two participation options. You can choose between paying an entrance fee of 3 euros or choose to be an associate and be paying a fee at the end of each month for as long as you wish to see the cats find a home anywhere they please. Being in the hotel and taking part in finding homes for the cats is such a fulfilling experience.