Disco Bus in Barcelona

ONLY 18€

  • Languages: English, French and Spanish

  • Duration: 1 hour tour

  • Price: 18€ per person (for groups of 20 people). For groups over 20, it will be an additional charge of 10€ more per person.
  • Minimum group: 20 people (for smaller groups it will be charged as a group of 20), maximum 60 people.

  • Location: Barcelona city, possibility to do tours outside the city, please check for further information.

  • When: during the whole year, and any day or time depending on availability

  • Beverages: 1 complimentary glass of Cava per person. Additional beverages 5€ per drink.

  • Interior: Music entertainment system, Bar, TV, Laser, 2000W Stereo, disco style interior lighting

The party starts when Disco bus comes

Who says that a Hen Do Party stats at the restaurant? Noooo… the party starts as soon as you step on the stairs of this sensational Disco Bus that will make that night incredible and full of emotions. Laughs and fun together in this marvelous transportation that catches everyone’s attention everywhere it goes. You will be able to dance, sing, and all your body tells you to do. A Hen Do Party must be celebrated as it is deserved.

Authentic discotheque on wheels in a bus

An authentic discotheque on wheels in a bus adapted as a disco where you can have a fun and original Hen Do Party. Ideally for big groups that would like to be together like they were in a limousine.

Capacity for up to 60 people. This disco bus service it is private and exclusively for your group.

 The Disco Bus includes:

  • 42” TV
  • RGB Lighting
  • Laser
  • Bar
  • USB Connector
  • 2000W Stereo
  • DVD player

discobus barcelona 3 - Disco Bus - 18€
db3 - Disco Bus - 18€
discobus barcelona 1 - Disco Bus - 18€
discobus hummerbcn 864x400 1 - Disco Bus - 18€

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