Ice Bar in Barcelona

ONLY 16,50€

  • Duration: 45 minutes

  • Price: 16,50€ per person

  • Minimum group: 4 people

  • Location: Port Olímpic, Barcelona

  • When: during the whole year, and any day or time depending on availability

The most original bar in Barcelona

To come to Barcelona and not discover the beaches is a crime, which is why we offer you this interesting ice bar located at the foot of one of the most visited beaches in the whole city of Barcelona, at Port Olímpic.

Drink in a avant-garde ice bar

Icebarcelona, which is also called Ice Bar Barcelona, or Icebcn, has become one of the most special and iconic bars in the city, and it’s a unique possibility to enjoy a fun night as if you were in the North Pole. This avant-garde ice bar is surprisingly located in the middle of the beach called Vila Olímpica, which is why you can experience the best of both worlds in just one night: the cold temperature of an igloo, and the heat of the Mediterranean coast.

icebar 2 - Ice Bar Barcelona - 16,50€
icebar 3 - Ice Bar Barcelona - 16,50€
icebar 4 - Ice Bar Barcelona - 16,50€
icebar 1 - Ice Bar Barcelona - 16,50€

Discover a unique environment in the world, Ice Bar Barcelona

At 5 degrees below zero, you can enjoy a tasty cocktail of your choice in a unique environment with good music and great decoration, which is renewed twice a year to offer its visitors some variation. You’ll have fun here for around 45 minutes, and then when the cold gets the better of you, it’ll be time to move out to our spectacular terrace with views of the sea, and the ideal temperature to continue the party next to the bride-to-be.

Entrance and free drink in a different night

Entrance to this spectacular ice bar costs 16,50 euros per person and includes a free drink, which is the best price for having a great time and giving that dear friend a fun and different night that the she deserves at Ice Bar Barcelona.

Prepare yourselves for a unique experience because there is no bar in Barcelona offering all that you’ll find at Icebcn. If you’re looking for an original hen do for someone special, this is the best alternative in the market.

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