Playground for adults in Barcelona

FROM 15€

  • Duration: 2 to 3 hours depending on the plan

  • Price: 15€ per person (park only) or 25€ per person (with dinner)

  • Minimum group: 10 people (if there are less, payment will be the same as for 10 people)

  • Location: Eixample district

  • When: all year, weekends and time depending on availability

Enjoy like a kid in our playground for dults

Your friend is about to take the step that will officially turn her into a married woman, but you can still enjoy yourselves like girls with this very special plan for a hen do. The thing is that, at Despidalia, we know that going back to your infancy is generally the best way to have a great time, which is why we prepare a nighttime activity for hen party in a park for adults. This is an adult playground in Barcelona where you can enjoy yourselves like kids for a birthday or hen do.

playground 2 - Adult playground - 15€
playground 1 - Adult playground - 15€
playground 4 - Adult playground - 15€
playground 3 - Adult playground - 15€

Two different plans in our playground for adults in Barcelona

  • To play in an incredible 600 m2 playground which has the best kids games such as slides, a swimming pool with balls, inflatables, trampolines, and access to a bar where you can refresh yourselves and drink something alcoholic to liven up the evening event. This alternative costs 15€ per person (drinks not included). Times from 9 pm to 11 pm.
  • Games + Dinner – the perfect option for those groups who are looking for the most complete hen do. As well as enjoying all facilities, attendees will take pleasure in a dinner made up of a delicious variety of all you can eat homemade pizzas, non-alcoholic drinks, and the possibility of ordering pitchers of sangria or beer to share. All this at a price of 25€ per person, between 9 pm to 12 am.

The funniest activities for bachelorettes parties

Because it’s easier than you think to give that dear friend the most fun hen party in the world. The perfect plan for those brides-to-be who are looking to have a good time in a different and conservative way, but without losing that adventurous side that we all had as young girls.

Say yes to this hen do with a playground for adults, and we’ll turn it into a reality in less time than you can imagine. What are you waiting for to laugh like you haven’t laughed in a long time?

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