English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone
English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone

80s Clubs in Barcelona

80s Music and Culture

80s music has remained a part of modern culture and it knows no age. Usually, older people in their 30s or 40s like them, but younger people also are attracted to it, sometimes from their relatives who introduced it to them, and sometimes by personal preference. Those times represented an explosion of pop culture and uprising, and many people find themselves in that type of music. Nowadays, most clubs are contemporary and they plan modern music, and some people might want to find a good club with 80s music. Barcelona has a lot of clubs that play the 80s music and we will help you learn more about them and where you can find them.

About Barcelona

Barcelona is the capital city of the Catalonia autonomous community in Spain, and is the country’s second most populous city. It has a population of 4.7 million people and is one of the cultural centers of Europe. It’s considered to be a global city due to tourism, economics, commerce, education, entertainment etc. Barcelona is also a transport hub of Europe, with the busiest passenger port in Europe, and one of the busiest airports in Europe.

Luz de Gas

Located in a sophisticated neighborhood in the uptown part of Barcelona, Luz de Gas is an 80s club that offers everything that you could want from a disco. This club has a beautiful interior design, with a big bar sitting in the middle of the club, and two smaller bars on the sides. The lighting is perfect and sets the mood right. There is a platform where live music is performed sometimes. It is considered to be a club mainly visited by older people, but fun knows no age. If you are young and you enjoy the 80s music and culture, you are sure to like this club.

Costa Breve

Luz de Gas is a slightly calm and moderated club, and if you prefer something more lively, Barcelona has a lot of options to offer. In the same neighborhood, a lively club full of young people is located. Costa Breve is a modern looking club that plays your favorite 80s tracks. Most of the people who come to the club dress elegantly, and it is recommended that you do so too. The young median age of the club assures you that there will be an atmosphere all night.

Ovella Negra

Barcelona is known for the multitude of neighborhoods and architecture. Looking at the other sides of Barcelona, in Pobleneu, we can find the Ovella Negra club. This club is located in one of the working-class neighborhoods of Barcelona, and it heavily contrasts with the other clubs. However, this does not mean that the club is not good. It has a big space, people are friendly, and the space is well organized. It doesn’t have all the fancy equipment of clubs of today, but it’s a straightforward approach to having fun with your friends. This makes it a very popular option for nightclub culture and young people in Barcelona. The youngsters will keep the atmosphere going all night and the music will keep you dancing.


On the other side of Barcelona, you can find the Apolo club. This club is located in Poble Sec, Montujic. This is a very famous club as it plays some of the best 80s music and organizes different parties for every day of the week. This leads to a huge diversity and you will never get bored here. They even party on Mondays, when the Nasty Mondays takes place. This is one of the most famous destination for youngsters rebelling in the first day of the week.

Alfa Club

Alfa Club is one of the biggest neighborhoods in Barcelona, and being so, it has one of the best 80s clubs in the city. You can find everything in this neighborhood and is a very famous destination for young people who are looking to go clubbing. The club is decorated according to the music it plays, with vintage lightning patterns and vinyl records are hanging from the ceiling. This creates a very warm and nostalgic atmosphere that many people love. Mix the great atmosphere with the great 80s music, and you got yourself a recipe for one of the most popular clubs in Barcelona.

Nick Havanna

Last but not last, the Nick Havanna club is also a great club that plays 80s music for the audience. This club is located between Rambla de Catalunya and Balmes. The great positioning of the club has made it a favorite destination for clubbers of all ages. Many Catalans visit this club as it has been open for a long time. The club has been modernized now, with modern lightning and decoration now characterizing the inside space. However, they still play 80s music along with more modern music. This is a great clubbing destination and it’s recommended that you dress up, as people trend to dress well when they go to Nick Havanna.

Bar Aurora

Some clubs listed here have unconventional times, and can close at times that are considered as early for some people. We are talking 5:30 AM here, but there are people who like to party until the morning, and you can’t blame those people. A popular destination for staying and partying until the morning, without all the noise that comes in a club, is Bar Aurora. This stylish vintage bar plays excellent 80s music and serves drinks until the morning. Many people prefer this to many clubs as it offers a more relaxing way of partying, just enjoying a couple of drinks with your friends, enjoying some good 80s music. This is the perfect formula for people who hate the huge crowds of the clubs and prefer to have their own space.


Barcelona is a big city, and it has a lot to offer. These options will be a great way of partying to some 80s music, and it’s certain that you will enjoy your time. All the clubs offer different options, from modern ones to vintage ones, and it’s all up to preference. In the end, it’s you that will decide where to go.

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