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Female strippers for stag do in Barcelona and much more


As the organizer of the stag do in Barcelona, you surely know this: A stag do without a stripper is not a real stag do! If so, you are in the right place, our agency is based in Barcelona. At Despidalia we have the best strippers in Barcelona for stag dos and you can choose which one of them you want for a show. Yes, you read that right, you can choose the stripper the groom has been dreaming of.

Are you looking for MALE strippers?

Services and packages

Lesbian Stripper Show in Barcelona
Price upon request
In our restaurants (if you book lunch or dinner) or at a location of your choosing
Price upon request
In our restaurants (if you book lunch or dinner) or at a location of your choosing
Taller de dibujo desnudo femenino para despedidas
From€ 15.00
Erotic Museum Barcelona
From€ 22.00
Espectáculo de stripper en limusina
From€ 28.00
Show de stripper en velero privado
From€ 39.00
Pack Girls Privé para despedidas
From€ 49.00

Do you want a stripper show for your party?

Customer reviews

4.8 145 reviews

  • Avatar Francisco Extraviz ★★★★★ 5 years ago
    Luxury night. Everyone very happy with the dinner and the show. The boyfriend had a great time, which was what really mattered. Thanks for everything!
  • Avatar David Damacu ★★★★★ 5 years ago
    Very good experience! The groom was very happy and the rest of us had a great time!! The amazing show!! Very Top.
  • Avatar Jaume Din ★★★★★ a month ago
    This Saturday we have had a stag party at the Pueblo Nuevo restaurant. The truth is that the place is picturesque, the staff friendly and the food great. Silvia's attention in managing the entire stag party has been 10. Both the Despidalia guide and the phenomenal stripper. We have laughed a lot at the boyfriend, that's what it's all about. To repeat without hesitation.
  • Avatar Paul Berenguer (Yandrak) ★★★★★ a year ago
    Quality-price very correct. Both dinner and the two shows we booked were more than up to scratch. The perfect customer service, they resolved all the doubts and requests that we made at all times and the treatment was very pleasant.Definitely to repeat! Highly recommended!
  • Avatar Alejandro Ramos Martínez ★★★★★ a month ago
  • Avatar Sergi Yermakov ★★★★★ a year ago
  • Avatar 10alex10 ★★★★★ 5 years ago
    Brilliant!! It has been a very special night, well organized and the guy is very cool!! Hey!


A classic stag do with a stripper

Finally, that reliable companion of parties until dawn is getting married! And it’s time to organise his last big celebration.

If you have no idea where to start and you want to sort out the party in a simple but awesome way, at Despidalia we help you with a fail-safe and classic plan that everyone will enjoy to the fullest, and if you are looking for the perfect stag do with a female stripper in Barcelona, here you’ll get what you need.

No hassle, we organise a plan for you that will make the night unforgettable and very entertaining, because that mate deserves to say goodbye to his freedom in style.

The female stripper as an ingredient in your stag do plan

Our stag do packages with female strippers in Barcelona start by warming up with a dinner among friends in one of our varied and excellent restaurants, to kick off the night, relax and prepare for what’s to come.

After a good meal, there follows the show of one of our sensual female strippers chosen by you, so that the groom can remember for the last time the wonders of being single, and with our girls it is easy to live a night of absolute fun. And to round off this celebration by partying to the max, the night culminates in a disco with a drink included so that the party lasts until the body can take no more.

Good food in a relaxed and fun environment, a show full of eroticism and sensuality and then a great party so that, among friends, you can bid farewell to that brave guy who is about to take the plunge. All this for just 54€ per person and the guarantee of a fabulous night where nobody should worry about organising anything.

Attractive female strippers in Barcelona

At DESPIDALIA we specialise in organising epic stag dos to remember for a lifetime, with a team of professionals working for the groom and his closest mates to live an unforgettable night full of fun from beginning to end.

Fulfil the mission of every good friend: make the future groom remember forever why being single is so cool by hiring one of our attractive female strippers in Barcelona.

Hire our party service with a female stripper in Barcelona, perfect for the classic ones who want to say goodbye to the single days as it has always been done, without complications and with party and more party. Book now!

A classic stag do with a female stripper

Finally, that infallible party comrade who parties until dawn is getting hitched! And the time has come to organise his last big celebration to bid farewell to his bachelor life.

If you have no idea where to start and want to sort out the party in a simple but great way, at Despidalia – Barcelona Stag Do we assist you with a foolproof and classic plan that everyone will enjoy to the max. Indeed, if you’re looking for the perfect stag do with a female stripper in Barcelona, here you’ll find what you need.

Without any complications, we organise a plan for you that will make the night unforgettable and very fun, because that mate deserves to say goodbye to his freedom in style.

Some of our strippers in Barcelona

Eliana Silla

If you want the future groom to say goodbye by fulfilling one of his erotic fantasies, Eliana Silla is the one. This sensual stripper, with an Argentinian accent, can adopt any role such as a policewoman, schoolgirl, nurse, rocker, biker, American Woman… But Eliana Silla’s favourite show is a BDSM one in which she’ll make your mate submissive and he’ll be under the orders of his mistress. It’s one of her funniest shows because she plays a lot with the future groom using sweet candies.

Eliana Silla
This incredible woman is 1.65 cm tall and has a stunning body of 95-62-92 that will make everyone want to submit to her. If your friend has a thing for blondes with impressive curves, there’s no doubt that Eliana Silla is perfect for him. It’ll be an incredible night alongside this sensual Argentinian stripper that will drive you all wild!

Tatiana Delgado

The stag do stripper Tatiana, our most famous blonde, a model for Interviú and a participant in shows like Survivor, Men and Women and Vice versa and with appearances in spanish movies. Stunning girl with tattoos that you’ll struggle to get out of your mind. You’ll get lost in her endless curves during her 20-minute show, perfect for the spiciest stag dos.

Tatiana Delgado

Tatiana will become a policewoman or nurse for the groom-to-be and all of you, and will give you an incredible and very hot time. This stunning woman is 1.76 m tall with measurements of 100-65-95


If you want to liven up that stag do with this high-impact redhead with imposing curves and a daring attitude, then Sonia is your best candidate. This tattooed woman, a former contestant on “Adam and Eve” and a fast undresser will simply leave you speechless and make the future groom feel really grateful.

Want to know what Sonia is like? Well, brace yourself for sighs because with her height of 1.70m and her well-balanced 95 – 65 – 95 measurements, this beauty will really impress you with all her talent and charm.

This tough girl will put on a show of about 15 minutes that includes erotic dances and full nudity if you so wish. Her show is fun, daring and participatory, turning the honoree and the attendees into the protagonists of the evening. The outfits for the night can vary as per your choice: a sensual nurse, a policewoman trying to impose the law, a BDSM outfit to fill everything with eroticism, a gala outfit if the future groom is into elegance or any other outfit you choose for a stag do weekend in Barcelona.

If you’re looking for a tattooed girl, with a tough appearance and high voltage curves, Sonia is the stripper you need.


Milana is a stripper in Barcelona who came from far away to be in our city. Leaving behind the icy cold of Russia, this hot stripper is perfect for the stag do show, birthdays or retirement parties.


Stripper Milana is a breathtaking woman with measurements of 86-60-90, small but feisty, with personality and impetus, too hot for the northern cold, she is ideal if the groom or honoree has a weakness for Russians.

Plans with included female striptease show

Home strippers

Do you already have a venue? Have you booked a restaurant? Do you want a show at home? Well, we have the best catalogue of strippers in Barcelona, home stripper shows wherever you tell us: in a venue, restaurant, houses, apartments, hotels, limousines, sailboats or even at work, as a farewell to a coworker or retirement. We are a strippers agency in Barcelona and our strippers travel all over Catalonia.

Dinner or lunch + stripper show

Have dinner at one of our restaurants in Barcelona and enjoy a private show by one of our incredible Barcelona strippers.

Adventure activity + lunch or dinner + female striptease show

A classic stag do, an adventure activity in the morning or in the afternoon, dinner with a private show by one of our spectacular Barcelona strippers.

The activity to choose for this plan: Paintball, Goofy games, adventure circuit, bubble football, archery tag, quads, laser combat, go-karts, archery, boat parties, fly board, the banana, chicken boat, segway, jet ski, fly fish, crazy boat …