English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone
English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone

10 Best Brunch in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the locations to look for when finding brunch. However, given that the city is filled with locations offering brunch, we delved into the business of finding you the very best of them all. Although we ended up with 10 of them, we could have a longer list. To make it to our list of the best ten, the location must display uniqueness and great quality in the food. You can head over to any of the locations to attest to the fineness of the brunch.

The best places to have brunch in Barcelona

Petit Pot Café Bistro (Urquinaona, 4)

With this location, you get a lot of flavor brought in from the Caribbean and other locations of the world. The flavor of the food is something to behold according to our sampling. A lot of names go on the menu such as foods you can have when you visit the Caribbean nations. You get the best value for your money when in the Petit Pot Café.

OMA Bistro (Consell de Cent, 227)

It is not difficult to notice the Oma Bistro as you head down the Consell de Cent Street. The large windows will combine with the aroma from the bistro to beckon you in way you will not resist. Everything here from the shape of the building to the items on the menu offers a talking point. However, we will focus on the food which is made with a touch of American influence for uniqueness.

The Paisana of Casa Gracia (Paseo de Gracia, 116)

The Paisana is located right at the base of the hostel Casa Gracia Barcelona. According to their website, the dishes are a mix of modern and traditional cuisine which has been sought out form the world over. When we paid it a visit, it lived up to our expectations especially its classic dishes. You have any dish you like while listening to the great music from the high quality audio system in the location.

Caña de Azúcar (Muntaner, 69)

When you are at Caña de Azúcar, you will feel like you are in Venezuela. The food has been made with the passion that only those skilled with the traditional Venezuelan dishes will manage. The Osio sisters have done a great job in opening up this location to the public after a period marked by renovations and decorations. You will enjoy the modern touch on traditional Venezuelan dishes besides the environment that breathes nothing but pure freedom and happiness.

Restaurant 2254 (Consell de Cent 335)

This restaurant is named after the 2254 kilometers between Palermo and Barcelona that were traveled by chef Nuncio Cona in his pursuit for the best dishes on the land. Among the dishes gathered included reputable names from the Catalan Mediterranean coast, French and Italian cultures. Combining all these modern dishes was a feat of awesomeness that can be experienced by anyone willing to try out something out of this world. The restaurant lives up to the great name of the founding chef.

Can Dende (Ciutat de Granada, 44)

The Can Dende is often touted as measuring standard for Barcelona brunch owing to its many traits that stand out from the crowd. When here, you will enjoy the sunlight that filters through the beautiful windows right in the middle of Poble Nou. The food here is based on high quality fresh produce that many people have concluded is among the best of brunch in the whole of Barcelona. You have anything you need prepared right here.

Tropic (Marques de Barbera, 24)

As its name suggest, tropic is all about the tropical foods, drinks and feeling. The inside of the Tropic is cozy enough to make you want to spend the whole day as you will be enjoying the beautiful sun and great dishes. Call for any type of juice and it will be brought out fresh as if it has been picked from the tree just when you were making your order. Everything about the Tropic is great.

Sergi de Meia (Aribau, 106)

If you need a good feeling to start or end your day, this is the place to go to. The dishes here are top of the range and will leave you yearning for more every time you have a bite of what is on offer. The wine is something one cannot stop mentioning once you take a sip or two in this hotel. The atmosphere will lift your spirits with ease.

The Juice House (Parlament, 12)

The theme of The Juice House is clean eating. By clean eating, they mean that the food should have no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, no processed foods and no refined foods. If you need the freshest food when in Barcelona, this is the place you should seek out. The food you order will be prepared in a short while after you have placed your order and you will be on your way to making the next meal count each time you visit The Juice House.

Black Beans (Bruc, 146)

Here, we enjoyed the fresh air that passes all through the building no matter what side of it you have your seat. The music is one of the most memorable things about this joint. You have any dish you want in this location. One notable aspect about this hotel is that the dishes are given a Latin American touch that makes everything seem traditional and down to earth. The meats and the vegetarian foods were worth taking a note of.

All these locations were picked for their uniqueness and as one can see, each one of them has a unique approach to the dishes it offers, the structure of the building and just about everything else in the hotel. You can choose to sample all the ten to find your favorite. If you already have a name in mind, head over there and have a good time since they all guarantee the best experiences.

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