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The Best Chocolate in Barcelona

Spain has had a long association with chocolate and dates back to the 16h century when the Spanish explorers brought it Europe and it quickly became very popular. In the beginning, when it was first brought to Europe it was mainly served as liquid and had a bitter taste but it was later sweetened to suit the European taste.

Since then it has evolved and is now served in many different ways and Barcelona has chocolate shops and cafés throughout city whether in the tourist area or not. Are you an appassionate of chocolate? What are you waiting for to taste the best chocolate in Barcelona such a best daytime experience?

Pastisseria Barcelona

Pastisseria Barcelona was opened 5 years ago by Joseph Maria Rodriguez who is a world champion pastry chef. So the croissants are absolutely divine which can be dipped into chocolate or just use chocolate powder.

The Best Chocolate in Barcelona 1 - The Best Chocolate in Barcelona

Joseph uses his skills to make all assortments of pastries, cakes and many other chocolate delights one can think of to the pure chocolate cake known as I Love Xoco.

Address Carrer Eixample

Oriol Balaguer

Oriol Blaguer is one of the most famous of the chocolate producers in Spain and over the years has perfected the art of making chocolate. He has a number of shops in Barcelona but his flagship store is La Xocolateria. The trademark of his chocolate is the exquisite creations that are made of which all of them are in the shape of half a cocoa.

The hot chocolate in the shop is also well worth a try.

Address Carrier de la Fusina 5

Chok the Chocolate Kitchen

Chok which is situated close to La Rumbla has a variety of chocolates and for the visitor that loves artistically made chocolates will love this place. They do however specialise in doughnuts and they make a variety on a daily basis. It would be difficult for the visitor to walk past Chok if they are chocolate lovers.

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The Best Chocolate in Barcelona 2 - The Best Chocolate in Barcelona

This shop has everything from truffles to waffles and even serves chocolate chip olive oil which the visitors to the shop absolutely love. The great thing about the shop is that it holds workshops where one can go and learn to cook your favourite pastry with light chocolate.

Address Carrer del Carme 3

Cacao Sampaka

Cacao Sampaka opened in the year 2000 but in that short time have spread their wings all over the world. The chocolate is made in Barcelona and it takes great care in assuring that the quality of the chocolate that they produce is of the highest quality. Even mixes such as the nuts used in the chocolates have to pass the highest quality control.

Visitors are allowed to take part in chocolate tasting sessions and learn the correct ways of using chocolate.

Address Carrier de Consell de cent 297


Escriba is a family owned shop and has been in existence for over 100 years. This shop has a lovely coffee shop and serves mouthwatering cakes and has a variety of chocolate creations that the visitor would love.

The Best Chocolate in Barcelona 3 - The Best Chocolate in Barcelona

The escriba also does workshops and gives classes on the art of chocolate but for the visitor probably the one-day shoe making class would be more appropriate.

Address Carrer de les Flors 83


Dismon is a great shop for chocolate lovers that would like to buy a variety of chocolates and cakes and some creations that are bound to bring a smile to your face. It is a family owned bakery and does not add any additives to the products that they make.

Address Carrer Grace

II Palaresa

This shop is in the old Gothic part of Barcelona and is very popular on weekends. It specialises in chocolate cakes over the weekends do not be surprised to find queues if you visit.

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Address Carrer Petroxill 11

La Nena

This is a very homely store and a visitors are welcome to spend quite some time in reading a book or playing table games where one can enjoy homemade fruit pie with mugs of hot chocolate.

Address Carrer Romany Cajal 36

Xocoa Bon

For the chocolate lover that wants something for the road, Xocoa Bon is a chain of stores that have been in Barcelona since 1897. It offers a huge variety of chocolates and cakes and makes perfect gifts for the locals and for those tourists that would like to buy a gift for their friend or family.

Address Carrer Princessa 10


Fargas is in one of the oldest parts of Barcelona and it was established as long back as 1827. It offers an impressive variety of chocolate and inside the shop, it is surprisingly modern and lovely to shop in.

The Best Chocolate in Barcelona 4 - The Best Chocolate in Barcelona

Address Carrer del Pi 16

Bellart Chocolatary

Bellart Chocalatary is a small bakery situated in the old chocolate region of Barcelona and if you need to have a great tasting chocolate and a souvenir to take home to loved ones then this would be the shop to visit.

Address Del Carme 3

Barcelona is filled with lovely chocolate shops and one the Spanish Traditions is to dip Churros which into their chocolate and enjoy their chocolate that way.

Barcelona also has lots of Churro Bakeries and some of them have already been mentioned such as La Nena.

Xurreria Sagrada Familia

This is is a family establishment that was established some 50 years ago and it is one of the Churro bakeries that will serve the churros with delicious nutty chocolate.

Barcelona is a city that has a history of chocolate making and for those who love history and chocolate, Barcelona is well worth a visit.