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English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone

The best stag do movies

Remember the Rambo-style stag do we talked about some time ago? Discover the best stag do movies. The truth is that it’s quite a spectacular idea. The world of cinema is a perfect source of inspiration for original ideas to celebrate a hen or stag do.

But it has also been the other way around. Cinema has been inspired by stag dos to make the most amusing films. Here we are going to take a look at the best stag do movies that have hit the cinemas. Most of them have been box office hits, and they’re so entertaining that it might be worth checking out some before organising the next stag do on the cards.

How to Murder Your Wife

Released in 1965, it can be said that it is the doyen of stag do movies. An exceptional script comedy, which shows the story of a very famous graphic artist (played by the great Jack Lemmon), who hates marriage and everything similar. The problem is that he attends the stag do celebration of a friend and wakes up the next morning with a serious problem: at the party, he got married to a young Italian woman named Lisi, the girl who popped out of the cake. Coexistence will start to get complicated when the wife, who doesn’t speak English, sees in a comic that her husband has drawn a plan to kill a woman. She leaves and no one knows where, to the point that they accuse the cartoonist of having killed her…

Bachelor Party

Probably the most classic movie. Rick, a bus driver, is preparing his wedding with his girlfriend Debbie. The friends prepare a party to send off Rick, one so memorable that even after its release in 1984 it remains in the minds of those who saw it for the first time.

The Marrying Man

With the spectacular Kim Basinger as the female lead, this 1991 film tells the story of a millionaire about to marry the daughter of the most influential man in Hollywood. But something unexpected happens at his stag do. A fling with the attractive singer from the bar they go to for the party (Basinger) will have consequences as incredible as they are hilarious.

Very Bad Things

Christian Slater and Cameron Diaz are the main characters in this 1998 film, a black comedy with an utterly unexpected beginning and end. Slater plays one of the groom’s friends, who kills a security guard after he catches the group with the body of the stripper who took part in the party the night before. They bury the bodies in the desert, but their lives will never be the same.

American Pie 3: The Wedding

The American Pie friends have grown up since the first time they appeared on the screen. Now Jim and Michelle are getting married, but before that, they have to organise a stag do, which is left in Stifler’s hands. They try to gather all the original group members. A series of events will put the wedding in danger, although it goes ahead. The movie ends with a classic American Pie finale, as could be expected.

The Wedding Date

Kat has no companion to attend her sister’s wedding. On top of that, the best man is none other than her ex. Determined that no one can say anything about her solitude, she hires a professional gigolo to go with her as her male stripperfriend. Along the trip, Kat will discover some secrets that will make her realise that nothing has ever been what it seems.

Mamma Mia!

Based on the ABBA songs that inspired the musical, it tells the story of a girl raised on an island by her rebellious mother, who has never told her who her father is. For her wedding, she expects her father to come to the hen do, but three men show up with whom the mother had affairs. Who will be the real father?

The Hangover

One of our favourites! Probably the craziest of all, with the adventures of four friends who go to Las Vegas to celebrate one of their stag dos. The night is long, but the next morning they can’t even remember how they ended up where they are. They will have to backtrack to find the groom and get to the wedding.


Annie is tasked with organising the wedding and hen do for her best friend. Although she has never done it before, she strives to do the best job. The problem is that Rose, another friend, is not willing to lose the limelight and does everything to make things go wrong.


Another one of those incredible stag do movies. 3 friends are invited to the hen do of a former high school classmate who they used to laugh at. But things don’t turn out as they expected…

Grab the popcorn, the movie is starting!

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