English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone
English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone

Taste the best ‘patatas bravas’ in Barcelona

Where do you get the best or maybe part of the best tapa ever, be it classic recipes that will not fail to the most creative patatas bravas in the city? Do you want to eat the best bravas ever in your Hen Do in Barcelona? Know the ideal restaurants for your party and hen do in Barcelona.

Pan and oil

Good ideas always come out when in need. The chef of this little shop Carlos Ortiz had a serious-minded intention; he had to make food for about four hundred people each day.’

Freedom came with this clue; which is patatas bravas whipped up and present in a glass, a fresh potato confit slow-c and then rounded up with a sauce made of garlic, chili, and paprika.it is small but a great difference.

La Taverna del Clinic

La Taverna del Clinic is an instance of intelligence applied to patatas bravas which was a classic meal, a paradigm of the latest bravas. A cylinder of spud which is of golden brown color, crispy on the outer, flaky on the inner, rounded up with black sesame seeds and it will finally be presented with a tasty red sauce and Maldon and hives salts.

The chef toni Simoes said ‘for the past seven years we have not changed’ and every week they provide their serve of about 250 portions, and they have become more delicious over the past seven years with the cost to have increased with an addition one euro.

El 58

El 58 is a spot for tapas, which carries a do it yourself beauty that ‘s hard to give an explanation in words. To solve the problem of the new type of tapas in poblenou, this was a move in the correct direction. Braves from El 58 are the same, but still unique. Taste one of the free portions which are wrapped with two sauces: mayonnaise which is produced from garlic confit, shallots, black pepper and chives and several others from dried tomatoes, pepper that is black and cloves. In addition to the garnished punch, a rainbow sweet and baroque were included so you can enjoy the corny flavor.


The Old section of sarria with the landscape full of trees is the location of ViVanda, where chef Jordi Vila has produced a recipe for patatas bravas that seems unique from those he cooked up for Fabrica Moritz, he carried on his cultural creativity. This potato he made is more of roasted than fried, with a creamy like texture, where the alioli sauce jams the oil from the prepared spice called sobrasada sausage.

Also, you will receive a bottled container of spiced oil, so you feel the burn sensation from the hardened bravas junkies. Always you get a full portion of bravas, which is the quality of a Vila kitchen.


A lot has occurred since the opening of this place by Francesc Gimeno. This little Sant Antoni Bistro which starred tapas and little food which has made a tremendous impact in the neighborhood and also in the city at large. A small portion of the secret was explained, the mother to Gimeno who is in charge of this dining room didn’t want to let out the secret details of the sauce, but she said her child produces it in close doors. This untold secret has played a part in the legend of this fantastic brava. Alioli and a delicious sauce are blended to give a syrup, which makes it hard to differentiate if it is a nora pepper or chorizo sausage or smoked pepper. It is pretty difficult to get the particular taste of sautéed shallots


For beer lovers, Biercab is their haven for several reasons. Reasons like the thirty taps that pours craft beer, rare brews like the sixty proof beer, a list of Tapas, Peruvian and burgers uniqueness, sandwiches, and a waiter named Manolo. Who will cause to shout when you walk in ‘Manolo, bravas please.’ They are cut in square shapes, well served, symmetrical and given with neutral sauce. The bravas goes well with a few ZZ Naparbier beers.


Jordi Cruz is not only a fine face on the television but also has a career in classy kitchens, and he was one the notable chef in the city based on his personal group of Michelin stars. Ten’s bravas are low price options for average person compared to others at the Born. The bravas are presented with a creamy alioli and a sauce made of bravas which produced from top quality tomatoes. The remaining of the menu list, the barbeques and squids are exceptional.

Casa de Tapas Canota

The stories of their bravas goes back to a special summer in 2010 when one of the owners Juan Carlos Igelesias carried home few baked potatoes which were a leftover in the kitchen. He concluded on a list followed by ‘alioli’ and no other than the bravas of the other person Albert Adria. Casa de Tapas Canota has reformed into a star of tapas and had the number one ranking by the customers themselves.

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