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The bests spots to explore in Barcelona

Barcelona is among the nicest places to relax or tone down in Europe. There are several places to explore and have fun in Barcelona; this place has drawn tourist around the world to have a real time and leisure. If you are in a beautiful city like Barcelona in Europe, you might not have in your mind to relax. But you can find a location to relax and enjoy your holidays and stop the sightseeing with these amazing daytime activities. At Barcelona, with its unique and dynamic weather, there are some places you have to go and have fun. So to this effect, I will take you through some fun place to explore in Barcelona and then you can try any of this places.

The best places to explore in Barcelona

Barcelona beach

To get a nice spot to explore and cool steam, for me is no place perfect than on the beach. You enjoy by just sitting and watching the water waves coming to the shores. At winter period so far you are with a coat, you can still find fun after an overwhelming day. The Sun also moves over Barcelona horizon which makes it a beautiful sight to behold. Another nice time to try the beach is at sunset, which the sun reflects different color contrasts of the sky on the sea. Imagine how the look will be fantastic.

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Montjuic in Barcelona

The mountain of Montjuic is well known for being the site of the Olympic Games which was held in 1992 and the popular Castell de Montjuic at the very top of the hill which gives an extraordinary look of the whole city. There is also a garden present known as the “garden of Montjuic” which is a beautiful seen on the mountain. This garden had gone through a significant transformation and cleaning exercise before the Olympic game in 1992, and another new set of gardens were included.

St George day, the Catalan equivalent to Valentine’s Day

Taking a trip to the lake and laying on grass give a sense of joy because of the tranquillity and the awareness that you are sitting on one of the more visited cities in the world.

At the other side of Barcelona is where the Montjuic is located, this vast mountain is directly at the back of the city, and when you are looking toward the sea you will find Tibidabo. When you reach the top of the mountain, you can have fun by enjoying the fantastic views of the city. This the best way to relax while you find the various part of the city.

Park de la Ciutadella

Also, this is a perfect place to partake of. This place is a park which contains a zoo, a might fountain, museums and a lake. The parliament of Catalan is housed in a location around the park’s center. This park is so ideal to have a chance to absorb the beauty of the architecture of the cascada fountain, which an impressive view and it will definitely blow your mind away.

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La Rambla

This usually results in a shock to many individuals who has one time or the other come to Barcelona because La Rambla is an ordinary street but will a lot of vibes and life in the day and also at nighttime. There is nothing like going there for a cruise and have something to drink while seen the way things go by. You love just to watch people; this is one of the minute places in the universal to with the best view of individuals. Most times people comes and seat on the chair already at the top of La Rambla close to the Catalonia Plaza.

Catalan Traditions and Customs

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Barcelona football club stadium and its museum

This one of the places in Barcelona which are commonly visited for fun with a store which one of the largest in Europe. This football club houses a lot of great names, and you can visit there when a soccer match is going on to watch these stars in action. If there is no football game, you can try the Museum for a tour. You are always welcome if you want to relax and sightseen.

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Guell Park

This considered as of Gaudi’s most famous artistic design. Park Guell is a must see site and one the best attraction in Barcelona. To get the sight, you have to walk to the top of a hill through metro station vallcarca. If you don’t care to do it by walking, you can take a fair to the gate. The idea from the onset was to erect house and gardens but could work out as a result of the death of Guell. The government finally converted it to a park to enable explore and sightseeing possible.

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The magical fountain show

You have to see a fountain like this; its experience is entirely magical with the show of the water and musical. During the summer period, music shows are open every Thursdays to Sundays. This one of the popular areas in Barcelona. Also because of the lots of events and exhibitions the access to the fountain might be prevented and closed.

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Barcelona is a place to be loved and to be explored, the hidden place to catch fun and relax are one of the best places around Europe. Don’t think too much if you are wanting to explore Barcelona; you can avail yourself the opportunity to try the place listed above to have maximum fun and joy.