English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone
English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone

The Boqueria Market: The most famous market in Barcelona

The first time the Boqueria market was mention was far back 1217, this was when tables were placed near the city old gate to sell meat. Right from December 1470, the site was where a pig market was held. Prior to this time, it was called Mercat Bornet. Later, the name was changed to straw market or Mercat de la Palla. The market at first wasn’t enclosed and with no official status, rather was considered as an extension of Plaça Nova market, which extends to the Placa del Pi.

The market is now known as boqueria, place where goat meat is purchased. The authorities in charged finalized in building in a separate market on La Ramble, a house that is primarily for butchers and fishmongers. The market became known in 1826 and an official structure was built in 1835. The architect in charge was Mas Vilà and the construction started on the 19th of March, 1840. The market was opened officially the same year. The roof used in 1914 still exists till date.

History of Boqueria Market

The Boqueria market is told by the history of La Rambla. From the development of former street retailers to a current and full of charm, present life and color. The market can be described as an allegory of life in Barcelona with a river, which makes the desires of those who like to anticipate. The Boqueria market is the leading metropolitan markets in Barcelona, and was established on the 19th of March 1840, St. Joseph’s Day. Rambla, is the current location of this market.

The marquis de Campo Sagrado in 1836 decided to control the travelling market that was incorporated in the large space which was in the convent. As time passed, the market was then changed into what is now known as a modern market. Captain General of Catalonia established gas lighting in 1914 and the metal cover with this to protect buyers and food sellers, giving uniqueness and character. Currently, sellers are proud to showcase some of the oldest and most complete food market in Barcelona, offering meat, vegetables, fish and many other products that could captivate your imagination. The market is full of both life and history with architectural sight beyond your expectation.

Some of the best market Stalls at Boqueria


Pillars Boqueria nuts are honey to tourists for its attractiveness. But serious purchasers will have to visit Parami. This is a shop connected to the street market. The firm operating this stall, recently celebrated 100 years. Parami is the spot for fry and toasting in the city of Barcelona.  Their product can’t be faulted, and people who buy items in large amounts, at the end get it at a cheaper rate. The stall is extremely reliable to buy in bulk and cheap at the same time. They are essential when it comes to dry tomatoes and marcona almonds.


This stall can be located the Rosello Street Boqueria. The shop was relocated to this spot five years ago. The stall is at the end of the market and a Greek island. Olives, preserves and wines are combined with food prepared, such as pita bread filled with meat, spinach pie or cream of eggplant. This stall is indispensable if you want feta and yogurt, they are the best in Barcelona and there is no question about that.


This stall is one of the most decent spots that is close to the Ramblas. The stall deals with rabbit, different type of birds and snails, which comes from France and Catelonia. It also chickens and with prices that are economical as a distributor. It’s your one stop place for rabbit fed with rosemary and chicken.

Fruites Costa

This is located at stall #57 and has the best deals when it comes to vegetables. This stall has been there for a long time. If you love vegetable and don’t want to incur decline in quality, the Fruites Costa is a place to try out. The immaculate material, which originates from Santa Coloma de Cervello to the Sant Boi, has never thwarted its visitors. The shop is indispensable when it comes to pepper and eggplants.

Aroma Ibèric

Regrettably, many stalls in the market are quite oriented; they are more focused on the money they make by delivering their sells to foreigners with packaging to airport. This stall is an exception in its uniqueness. It deals on various items such as fresh Iberian pork, splendid sausages and polish smoked loin. I can vouch for this stall if you want fresh sausages and fuets, they are indispensable.

Llegums cuits

If you want to be appreciative about live in Barcelona, the Llegums cuits is one. It is a place filled with cooked vegetables. When you talk about proximity to the Ramblas, this stall is perfectly situated. Lentils, chick peas and white beans all cooked and prepared with vegetable dishes, rice and pasta made in a day. This is perfect especially for don’t have much time and want to eat homemade food without cooking it. It’s the ideal solution for those who work and never get time. They are indispensable in chickpeas with prawns.

The Boqueria Food Market is a not just a must see place but for your shopping trip to Barcelona. With specialized stalls that sells numerous and varies selections of olives, meats, fruit, seafood, cheeses and even more than you can bargain for. Do you want ingredients for your hen party, picnic or wedding and you are tired, just go to one of the tapas bars to relax yourself you are surely guaranteed to revitalize yourself and run another marathon in the market. Spread round the market is spots they sell both drinks and food, so you don’t have to worry about quenching your taste. It’s a place to enjoy and build memorable experience. The Boqueria market is just one of the arrays of sights for you to behold in the center city of Barcelona.

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