English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone
English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone

Cocktails & luxury bars in Barcelona, quarter to quarter

One thing you can be certain and learn from the city of Barcelona is that it never sleeps. The Spaniard’s virtually drink late, sleep late and even go out very late. During the weekend, this is something else as clubs don’t start even at 1 am and partying can go up to 6 am. No thanks for the siesta! The night life is keeping up with the city, trendy, spectacular and sometime varied. One night is all you need to be begging for more.

As more lounge clubs are bubbling up, so is the nightlife gets more interesting. There isn’t a price set for most of the luxury nightclubs in Barcelona. This varies per night and depends on who is playing. Money isn’t an issue when it has to do with club as you get a lot of free ones to attend. You can enjoy yourself until it is 1 am or you get a flyer, which gives you a free pass.

Thinking of where to get one? These flyers can be picked from bars, shops and some cafes with a rack. Most of these clubs offers some discounts such as 3 for 1 drink, free drink or a free entrance to enjoy yourself. So today, we want to explore some joint for the nightlife lovers and especially for those who are busy during the day and want to have fun at night.

Las Ramblas

If you are a newcomer for nightlife, the best place to start is the Las Ramblas. This spot isn’t just busy by the day, but loaded with night activities. When street players are on doing their thing in the early evening, you can see tourists and locals going for dinner and drinks. Many restaurants at times like this are crowded with customers having a swell time with other treats and tapas.

The strip is not left out; there are plenty of clubs and bars such as the Kiosk La Caza, Boadas cocktail bar and the Boulevard. These are few of the most popular in this area. The Le Meridien Hotel Lounge has some of the finest bartenders in the city, who can do their mixing magic to give you the best.

Gothic Quarter 

In general, Las Ramblas is joint a crossing path for a more greener nightlife pleasure and a more real venue for locals to discuss the complex lanes of the Quarter. At this place, you will discover marks of jaunty little places that is quite secret in dark curves, like the tasteful milk bar with an excellent menu on cocktail, and sugar; including a collection of Irish and British Pubs such as the flirty and friendly Flaherty’s. The Flaherty is a place to chat up or mingle with tourists there. Ladies night is on Fridays while on Thursday is the Beer Pong Tournament. The Royal Square is another unlimited residence to bubble, with popular clubs like Sidecar and Jamboree.

El Born 

If you want the sophisticated life of Barcelona’s nightlife, the slightly touristy, but equally pretty, El Born is the central point for this. You will discover diverse trendily dressed night lovers trooping into bars and cafes, mostly the Passeig del born, which is in the district’s heart. Don’t know where else to go, try out the Miramelindo for a wonderful cocktail.


Raval is located at the opposite end of the Ramblas, it’s a place where kids love to play football or cricket. The center of this district is the Rambla de Raval. This is the spot where hip bars such as Ambar are interspersed with kebab joints with more crowd coming together at a close cocktail and luxury bail such as Marmalade. At Marmalade you can request for Pornstar Martini and also do some pre-club seducing. The area is surrounded by the skate fashion rules supreme and the MACBA museum.

Tattooed and pierced kids do learn some tricks before going to the Nou de la Rambla, where historic clubs like moog (famous for minimal DJs/tech), Les Enfants (a Kitsch Spanish disco) and the Sala Apolo (this is the spot for wonderful midweek parties). If you are looking for a kind of relaxed life, just pop to the Shenanigans Irish Pub. Every Friday and Saturday, you enjoy live music with a friendly atmosphere.

More Cocktails & luxury bars where people from Barcelona goes

Not fascinated with all these, then visit the Magic Club. The Magic club is a place to visit and have fun if you have been loaded with the obsession of Barcelona with minimal techno. It’s the city’s indie club of choice. Every weekend scallywags and fun seekers are seen queuing downright the street for a night adventure of soft rock, 80’s pop and disco classics to keep them having a wonderful time. The Magic club can accommodate up to a 1000 people with a two sweaty and large dancing floors. DJs here are from the locals and the interesting thing is that, the crowd isn’t here to see their favorite celebrity DJs but to enjoy themselves and have fun.

You can anticipate seeing and hearing everything from Morrissey to Madonna to Guns n Roses just on a night out in the Magic club. So who are those who attend? The club brings young and fun loving crowd. The bars are smoky while the floors are slippery. This is not a club that you come with silk dresses and high heels.

Pop lovers and Indie from all over the world do come to have the feel of different songs to dance to and which they can sing along to. Some also hope to find love or get someone to be cozy with. The magic club opens from Thursday, Saturday, Friday and even on public holiday. The magic club opens right from 11pm to 6am local times. At times this time varies.

Perhaps you are like me, who love the night life then don’t worry because the city of Barcelona is all here to fulfill every dream you have. Don’t just be a tourist but be a fun loving tourist to enjoy both the day and the night.

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