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CrossFit Classes in the District of Les Corts

Barcelona is a city known for sporting activities. There are many fun games that can be played in any part of the City. Apart from the usual outdoor games that can be accessed there, people who are interested in physical fitness exercises to burn some calories should not hesitate to find their way to the city and to take advantage of the impressive fitness activities that it offers.

About CrossFit

If you fall within the category of fitness enthusiasts, you may find CrossFit very useful. CrossFit is a Californian-originated fitness regime which incorporates the most contemporary fitness trends one can find anywhere in the world. This fitness model combines weight-lifting with other high-intensity interval exercises to ensure that the body receives maximum body workout, focusing on specific muscles or various muscle groups. These exercises are done with such high intensity that helps the body increase metabolism and the user to sweat out all the toxins for good health and wellbeing.

Les Corts, one of the ten districts of Barcelona was one of the quick beneficiaries of the CrossFit fitness regime. So visitors to this region should be assured that body-building is part of what they can do in Les Corts.

CrossFit Classes in Les Corts

The following are some of the CrossFit classes that visitors can participate in the District of Les Corts.

CrossFit LCS

CrossFit LCS offers many fitness regimes. It also has a range of membership that cuts across a broad spectrum of users for best results. There are membership options for between 76 dollars and 132 dollars. The fee is mostly dependent on the time period one is willing to commit to the gym. One great attribute of this gym is the variety of exercises it offers. Users are promised a new and fresh experience at each visit so they do not get stuck in the monotony of a set of exercises. Located at Carrer Maria Barrientos in Les Corts, the gym is an ideal place to get those CrossFit lessons you have been craving for.

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CrossFit Diagonal

CrossFit Diagonal has an array of fitness exercises for its customers to benefit from. The gym offers weight training and other intensive exercise regimes that can work many parts of the body great physical health. The gym is surrounded by green spaces and this makes provisions for groups to train together and to train outdoors. So if one is planning a group travel and members of that group are involved in body-building in the manner of CrossFit, then they should head towards CrossFit Diagonal in Les Corts.

This gym has a special arrangement where their fitness professionals are always on hand to provide guidance for gym users. This guarantees that the user is doing the exercise right and also reduces the risk of injuries. There are many payment plans in this gym. Ranging from a monthly plan to quarterly, to an annual plan, there are options suitable for most categories of gym users. From the lowest rate of 63 dollars to the highest elite rate of 1300 dollars, one can find a spot to fit in to the various financial plans of this gym. CrossFit Diagonal is located at Campos Nord UPC, Carrer de Jordi Girona 1-3.


This is an entirely user-friendly and price-sensitive gym. This gym completely aligns with the needs of the budget-sensitive gym user. With very moderate prices going as low as 32 dollars, Duetfit offers so much for less pay. The good news is that with these fair prices, one can still have access to all the gym’s facilities, from the weights to the cardio room and the CrossFit classes.

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The CrossFit class of DuetFit is called BodyPump. A professional trainer is always available to provide one with the necessary information to do the workout sessions well and avoid injuries. A user can be allowed to enjoy some free workout sessions at Duetfit before joining to provide assurance and comfort that the right choice of gym is being made. Duetfit is located at Gran Via de Les Corts Catalanes, 584. The gym opens from 6:30pm to 10am from Monday to Thursday, 6:30am to 9:30 pm on Fridays, 9am to 8pm on Saturdays and 9am to 3pm on Sundays. The gym does not open on December 25th and January 1st.

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Club Metropolitan

The Club Metropolitan is a pricy gym in the heart of Les Corts. It offers premium service for its customers who are mainly members of the top echelon of society. As one enrolls in this gym, he/she is exposed to so many possibilities. Apart from the usual CrossFit classes, the gym offers a version called CrossMet. This regime uses the same principles as CrossFit but focuses on cardio and resistance for high-intensity classes. This class can be very intensive and users should prepare for some high impact after the sessions. Because this is an expensive gym, users would need to sign up for membership before they can participate in any of the classes.

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Signing up for a year attracts a monthly price of 60 Euros or 63 dollars. But payment guarantees full access to all the facilities that the gym offers. Club Metropolitan offers services in body-mind, toning, cardiovascular, high caloric expenditure and outdoor exercises. The gym opens every day of the week from 7:45am till late. Club Metropolitan has many centers. The one at Les Corts is situated at Carrer Galileo 186.

Moving Around Les Corts

Are you worried about how to get to your CrossFit classes in the District of Les Corts? Then be pleased to know that moving around the cosmopolitan city is easy and comfortable. There is a functional and efficient public transport service and you can drive a car around as well to ensure that you don’t get to your gym classes late.


The District of Les Corts in Barcelona has a lot to offer its visitors. The opportunity to participate in CrossFit classes at any of the choice gyms is one of them.