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English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone

Differences between paintball and laser combat

One of the most original ways to celebrate a stag do is to invite friends to enjoy a game that emulates great war battles. But we’re not talking about playing Risk, nothing like that! We’re referring to having two divided teams fight amongst themselves to try and conquer each other’s territory. And how is that achieved? With two of the trendiest games: paintball and laser combat.

At Despidalia, we always advocate for stag dos that are original, different, and offer time for everything: for chatting, drinking, dining, and playing! So, if you’re thinking of organising an unforgettable day, you can’t overlook something that brings out the fun side in all of you. And that is only achieved one way: by playing!

“Ok, but which do we choose?”, you’re probably wondering. The two mentioned games have unique charms, and choosing one depends on your own preferences. To make it easier for you, in this article, we’ll detail the differences between paintball and laser combat, so you can decide which one you want to enjoy on the stag do.

Paintball and Laser combat

Both games place you in a battle where two teams have two missions: defend their territory and occupy the other’s. To achieve this objective, the game strategy needs to determine who will act as defender and who will be the attacker, and thus cover the entire space and attempt to win. The aim is straightforward: try to occupy the enemy’s territory. Whoever manages to enter the other’s ground first is the winner, although the method of doing so varies significantly between the two games.

What is paintball?

Let’s start by talking about paintball. This game is usually played in large outdoor fields, often located in natural settings like mountains, forests, etc., to simulate a real battlefield. The players are equipped with special outfits and guns that fire paint bullets; thus, players marked with paint will have to leave the game for that round. The aim, as we’ve already mentioned, is to try and conquer the other’s base, and this could be by stealing the flag, a sign, etc.

A paintball game can last for up to 3 hours, during which time different scenarios are used for each round. Thus, if a player is shot down in one round, they can play again when a new round starts in another area, ensuring everyone can have fun even if they’ve been hit.

What is laser combat?

Laser combat is typically held in indoor spaces, much smaller than those used for paintball. They are dark mazes, with each team’s base at either end. In this case, players are equipped with vests and laser guns to try and defeat the enemy. The player will know when they’ve been hit because their vest will light up, and they will be “dead” for a few seconds, unable to shoot or be shot. After a few seconds, the player is reactivated and can go back into the game to attack other players.

The aim here is the same: access the opposing base and hit the target with the laser gun to conquer it. During a single round, the base can be conquered multiple times. To determine the winning team, the system counts the points from the shots, and thus the winning team and the player with the most points, who is therefore the winner, can be determined.

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