English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone
English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone

Discover Barcelona by helicopter ¡Amazing!

Barcelona is a city for an unforgettable and unique experience that will be imprinted in your memory for quite a long time. If you don’t want to explore the beauty of the various cities in Barcelona by jogging, why not discover it through helicopter flights.  In case you don’t want to discover it, have you considered putting a smile on the face of someone you love dearly or your friend who is celebrating her hen do? Then fulfill their dream of flying.

Enjoy a breathtaking and unique experience views with sky tour through Barcelona. See the entire city in less than 10 minute. From far up you will surely see some breathtaking panoramic views and the symbols of the city. Are you scared of heights? There is a special package for those who have acrophobia. So today, we will talk about some of the best options that you may consider if you want to get the perfect view of the city.

Barcelona helicopters

This helicopter airlift company in Barcelona deals in an innumerable varied options right from our beginning to the destination points. They don’t only fly around Barcelona alone, but to every part of the country. Four passengers can make the choice of taking the same tourist route, or you want a ride to enjoy the landscapes and sights of the city; or use a helitaxi from one point to another. Whatever the case may be, there are many routes and without obstruction.

It’s interesting to know that they do offer to fly to destinations that aren’t on their route, what you waiting for, contact them and discover the city by yourself. Barcelona helicopters offer you the chance to just get the best of the city and give you an adventure that is once in an entire lifetime experience. The company has flown more than 50, 000 passengers since its inception. So you are in a more guaranteed hands and your safety is their priority.

What better way to enjoy your vacation, then to tour round the city and appreciating the gift of nature and the works of man. Finally, is a perfect daytime adventure activity to enjoy Barcelona.

Barcelona Coast Helicopter Tour

The best way to move away from the commotion of the city and enjoy the coastal beauty from an exceptional perspective is through helicopter. This tour is a 6 minute tour of the Coast of Barcelona by helicopter. Fly through the skies and get a glimpse at some legendary landmarks like the Statue of Columbus and the World Trade Center.

You can also get a good view of the silken sands of the beaches in Barcelona and the attractive boats in their fishing quarter from an unbelievable personal standpoint. Once you are done, you can return to land with amazing and beautiful adventurous exploring experience. The company offers a short tour, but with phenomenal vies of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a place for those who are on a budget and don’t want to spend high.

Barcelona and Montserrat Helicopter Tour

This is another way to create your own path to Barcelona’s downtown. Climb the Montserrat by Helicopter and see some of the sprawling town from such a unique viewpoint. Their tour begins with a greeting from the pilot, followed by a brief security talk to propel your adrenaline surge. You shouldn’t worry about sitting in a particular location because the helicopters affords you’re the flexibility to enjoy the excellent view.  Go through the sky and look down on some of the historic landmarks like the Famous camp Nou Football Stadium, the Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia and the iconic Olympic Ring.

Apart from these, you get to see the World Trade Center, the urban interlock of Eixample, the bustling commercial point and the majestic Castle of Montjuïc. Delight the exciting altitude as their helicopter starts the journey near the remarkable scenery of Montserrat, which is one of Catalonia’s most bravura mountains. Brimming with sacred shrines, the climax is the Benedictine Monastery. This Benedictine Monastery helicopter gives implausible views. Slip over the Llobregat river valley and Collserola Park and appreciate matchless usual panoramas.  This is a 40 minute flight to tour the beautiful city of Barcelona and finally tell the pilot a goodbye with unforgettable memories.


This is a public heliport that is situated in the Port Authority and it stands out because the company operates in flights through the city of Barcelona. The pilots from Cathelicopters are highly trained and are professionals. They fly to the letter and do offer exclusive air flights to remote land and places where you want to have a tour of the city of Barcelona through helicopter flights. They have the BCN sky tour, the BCN costa tour and the Montserrat and BCN sky tour.

The BCN Sky tour affords you the opportunity to see some of the most interesting attractions such Camp Nou, Forum, Sagrada Familia and Torre Agbar, with the BCN costa you travel all over the Barcelona coast covering the beaches and the harbor. Finally, the Montserrat + BCN Sky Tour gives you even more to discern the main fascinations of the city and then fly throughout the mountains of Montserrat, which is the most essential of Catalonia and view Barcelona from the top, in which you have a much clearer view of the entire neighborhood and the main streets.

The best way to unwrap all the beauty of the city of Barcelona and its possibilities is when you use helicopter to flight over it. Within a little space of time, you have covered quite a number of places. Next time you visit the beautiful and bubbling city of Barcelona; have a tour of the city using one of the many helicopter services. Barcelona is truly a beautiful city. From the superb structural design of Gaudí to the spectacular views out through the Mediterranean Sea, there is indeed no shortage of the different sights to view. You may be living in the city and thought you have seen it all, wait until you witness it from a paranomic view through a helicopter. Come and witness the glory of Barcelona!

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