English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone
English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone

Would you like to learn Twerking?

Dancing is a fun and entertaining way to move the body and never better. To some, wearing your tracksuit for a few sessions at the gym is a daunting task, what if you talk the tracksuit and do something more fun with it-dancing. I know you haven’t heard about that. So today we will explore what you need to know about twerking and offer you two places to begin your twerking class in Barcelona.

To many twerking is nothing more than a provocative dance, but look beyond what you see and appreciate the sport part of it. Furthermore, it’s not something that is quite easy for one to move the ass in such a way, but there is a physical effort and to be the best in it, you need a daily practice to become successful.

Brief History of Twerking

The origin of twerking is not known, but the word “twerk” was used in a song by a DJ known as Jubilee. According to some, it is associated with a religious celebration in Africa.  To other it is a choreography that is dedicated to African Americans living in New Orleans. The practice of twerking is gaining wide recognition and progressively fashionable, ladies all over the globe are competing just to show off their best performance in this form of dancing. Twerking in Barcelona isn’t a new trend, there are special schools set up for those who want to learn how to twerk. This school are run by professionals who are young and the classes go for an hour and a half.

I know you have seen those who twerk or perhaps you have watched many videos of those who are twerking. I know when you saw it, you made a move if you could move your body a little and do some twerking. If you are contemplating that you have seen all about twerking, then I am here to inform you that this is just the beginning. So what is twerking all about? This is a dance which comprises of thrusting and rhythmic shaking of your ass or butt. Well yeah, but how do you do it? Prior to starting you have to understand that twerking has to do with more than the shaking of your ass or butt. Shaking the muscles around the butt can be carried out by anyone, but for twerking this is more advanced and require your practice. Twerking can be done in different styles, but we will highlight the standard move that is needed for your twerking.

How the classes start

The class begins with some stretching and warming of the muscles in every part of the body. The muscles warming process is done through dancing and moving. After this choreography is then practiced with a selected song. The instructors bring everyone together and try to beat out the shyness in some who aren’t free with themselves. This is repeated continuously and it requires perseverance and effort to learn. The notion that twerking is only ideal for girls is totally wrong. Any guy can give it a big try and it will be perfectly accepted as the once done by any girl. Move out of your shell because of prejudices.

Learn to dance twerking in Barcelona from these three places

Civic Centre Drassanes

This is one of the best place for your twerking and classes dance in Barcelona. The civic center is a perfect place to get your twerking lesson started and perfect your skill of twerking. Don’t be scared because of the price rather you should consider the quality of the classes that are taught. We are giving you a recommendation to check the times and dates.

Attitude Dance hall

The attitude dance hall offers twerking classes, hip hop and dancehall. There are various options open for you are different levels. Perhaps, you have knowledge of twerking, at this place, you can start where you stop from previous training. They also have intensive classes and are very professionals.

Ile Ball

This is another place to go for your twerking class in Barcelona or if you want to go for booty dance. Don’t come to the city of Barcelona and leave without learning anything. An is a perfect daytime activity for hen do parties.

Learning the basics of twerking

1 –  First position yourself in a squatting spot, just as if you do want to sit on a chair. Ensure your legs are perfectly wide apart from each other and your toes are in an outward manner

2 – Secondly, place your left and right hands on their appropriate hips respectively. Then put your thumbs on your ass bone and press to aid the moving of your hips in a forward direction. Finally, take back with your fingers on the top of your hip bones in order to move your hips in a backward way. Remember your fingers and hands are essential for the twerking. Yea all of it.

3 – Because of the insufficiency in explanation, at this point, you should stick your butt outside. Ensure the upper part of your body remains in a straight position; one thing that is important in dancing is having a good posture.

4 – Remember how popcorn pop? So pop your butt in an upward and downward position. Then use your hands on the top of your hips to aid in guiding your booty in the appropriate direction.

At this point, feel free to place your hands on your knees to have more freedom and keep the twerking the twerking. Enjoy yourself in Barcelona by twerking your way all through your vocation period. You want to carry out your own experiment, then do with the maximum movement and the shaking of your butt or asset. Don’t hesitate to give it your best shop. Finally, while watching the girls shaking their butts, don’t get provoked in a sexual way because Barcelona girls are beautiful and have all it takes to make you ask for more. Twerking is fun and should be encouraged. It’s the ideal way to exercise yourself.

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