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The most beautiful bars in Barcelona

Barcelona is well known to have one of the best cocktails in the world, particularly for gin and tonic lovers. They are served in a load of buckets. Most of the bars in Barcelona gets very occupied at midnight. A lot of the bar closes at around 3 am and while the time of closure of the clubs are around 5 am and 6 am.

Although Barcelona is an enormous city, you can still explore the possibilities of the city even on your foot. Before you do you must know the right navigation to follow or you can engage a metro to spike up your journey when you feel walking is strenuous for you. The majority of the bars accepts their payment through credit or debit card forms; they give allowance for free WiFi even the old bars around do. To smoke is extremely prohibited in all Barcelona bars.  If you are seeking for a beautiful bar to drink something as a nighttime activity in your Hen Do in Barcelona, you can follow through this write-up

Dry Martini & Speakeasy

In Barcelona, this is preferably one of the best cocktails in the world; it was launched in 1971 as a Martineria by carbonellni. They only provide dry Martins in the bar. Javier de las Muelas became in charge in 1996 and started to serve classic English cocktail and expanded with others modern set expensive and innovative drinks.

The most beautiful bars in Barcelona 1 - The most beautiful bars in Barcelona

The made the place more refined and elegant for drinks with jazz music’s, soul lifting soundtrack. Also, there is an electronic counter which adds extra class to the classic English cocktail of Dry Martini bar. There is a door from the room that leads to the speakway; it links to a secret restaurant which is found in the storage room. When strolling past crates contain bottles, and by the kitchen, there will is an emotional feeling just like you are featuring in a classic Goodfellas film. There is a menu which makes the food or cocktail selection easy, which cannot be avoided. The price for the cocktails is ten Euros while the beer is seven Euros for half a litre.

80s Clubs in Barcelona

Mutis bar

Mutis Bar can be accessed through the doors located in an apartment which is for residential purposes. To access the bar, you must be on an invitation basis and if not the majority of times you will be refused by protocol and sometimes you won’t, especially during the quieter night. Once inside, walking toward the stairs, the door of the first apartment on the first floor is a small cocktail bar.

You can enjoy the entertainment of different kinds of music from jazz, live soul, and funk, the exclusive clientele which Rebort De Niro, Russel Crowe, Allen and various others are part of. The great shock the bar does not affect the neighbours because it is soundproof because it is a private residence party and it will be okay if you pay a visit. The cocktail cost about fifteen euro.

Mercat Princesa

It is situated in the bohemian area of El Born, the build of which the bar is located was erected in the 14th century but has been improved into a house and an inner tapas and a market for alcohol. Which an alternative of sixteens stalls and each one giving an exceptional produce and position all over the vibrant seating spaces or the private bar tables.

The most beautiful bars in Barcelona 2 - The most beautiful bars in Barcelona

The initial time for the bar is 9 am and runs until midnight each day. You free you make your first stop cocktail and wine or the beer and coffee. With your glass in your hand, you can go to others to pick up booze, part of La Planxa, unique sausages having gin and tonic, Mojito or liquor which is sold by a meat seller. Aside from the alcohol, you can try the cake stall (Dolc and Salat), salads (Las Saladas), Mekong (dim sum), special rice and toast (Toque de Sal), roasted potatoes (patates), japo (sushi), Mediterranean seafood (pepe Fritz) Iberian ham and cheese (Iberics and Formatges), oysters and seafood (ostras) and so many others. There are several other secret bars and can be reached in the building from a hidden place; they boast of forty seats, tables and various dish menu which you are free to select from.

Luxurious Nightclubs in Barcelona

The price for the cocktail is four euro, and that of beer is three and a half euro for half litre


Marmalade is the small sister of bistro and milk bar, and they offer a fresh cocktail. This magnificent place is sectioned into four divisions. And over 50 years in the furniture business with fantastic sofas, a handmade black matte billard table, copper clad ancient walls and an incredible four meters tall chrome art deco bar with a swing of the 50’s Havana/New York edge and still stood firm to the Barcelona origin. The cost of their cocktail is five euro, and their beer is about three and a half Euro for half a liter.

The most beautiful bars in Barcelona 3 - The most beautiful bars in Barcelona

Palau Dalmases Espai Barroc

Palau Dalmases Espai Barroc is an assurance that you have a tough time finding a more romantic and beautiful place to drink than this barque palace, which is hidden opposite Picasso museum by a big wooden door.In the 16th century, it was a house of the most prominent families in Barcelona. Presently, the palace shows live cast flamenco daily at 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm and also an opera every Thursday at 11 pm. After attending the show, you can stay behind in bar which closes at 1 am. The cost of the cocktail is about twelve euro while the beer is six euro per half a litre.