English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone
English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone

The 10 most original costumes to dress the groom

Ensure a stag do packed full of laughter by dressing the groom in a wild and absurd costume. There are many options to choose from to ensure the future husband endures a rather uncomfortable day, and the choice of costume will depend on the degree of ridicule you want him to face. For this, we recommend an online fancy dress store for stag dos.

Full-body costumes or small details that signify who the lucky man is, in this post we’re going to give you 10 groom costume ideas guaranteed to have all the guests in stitches. Which one will you choose?

As a woman

It’s a classic, but there’s nothing funnier than seeing a man dressed as a woman. To emphasise the feminine look, don’t forget makeup, a good wig, heels, and, above all, a fitted and provocative dress that will surely trigger laughs from all who see him.

As a superhero

If the future groom is a comic book nerd, there’s nothing better than honouring him at his stag do with a Batman, Superman, Spiderman costume, or whatever! In this case, you could choose a somewhat more subtle costume (just a cape and a symbol on the chest), or you could go all out and buy him the full costume to truly transform him into an authentic superhero.

As a baby

It’s also quite amusing to see your friend’s virility vanish when you put him in nappies, hang a bottle around his neck, and make him walk down the street like a baby. Give him a rattle as well to make the look even more ridiculous, it’ll be hilarious!

Ballet dancer

The groom’s masculinity also takes a hit if you choose to dress him in a tutu. The ballet dancer option is perfect for ensuring a day full of laughter and fun, don’t forget the ballet shoes and the body suit. The pinker, the better!

Cartoon character

If your friend is passionate about a particular cartoon character, a good option is to get a costume and surprise him at the stag do. For example, Obelix is a very funny idea since he has an enormous belly, but Popeye can also be amusing and, of course, Son Goku is great. But if you want to split your sides laughing, opt for a Smurf costume, painting everything blue and putting him in adult diapers, he’ll die of embarrassment!


But for pure ridicule, nothing beats an animal costume. Imagine your friend dressed as a cow, or as a cute bunny, sensational, right? The pig costume can also be a good idea for guaranteeing plenty of laughs during the stag do.


Now let’s tackle a fantasy many men have and let’s completely dismantle it: dress your friend as a cheerleader and he’ll never fantasise about them again! Don’t forget the skirt, the pom poms and the pig tails, it’s a hoot!


Now, let’s discuss the more “naughty” costumes… The idea is to put your friend in a condom costume and make him walk around like that all day. At first, he’ll want to kill you but you’ll see how he warms up to it afterwards!


And if we’re talking about naughty costumes, the sperm costume is even worse. It’s similar to the condom but it’s whiter and often has a tadpole shape, especially at the head. For this costume, it’s recommended that your friend has a good sense of humour because if not, he could get seriously annoyed!


The more elegant groups of friends may choose to dress the groom in a tuxedo or a suit and tie, in the style of “Ocean’s Eleven”. It’s a perfect option for the most exclusive stag dos who want to highlight the significance of the moment. But if you want to give this outfit a fun twist and dress up the groom, there are some trousers that leave the backside exposed… we’ll leave that with you!

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