English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone
English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone

Mystery dinner in Barcelona for a different hen do or stag do

If you’re planning a hen do or stag do for someone who enjoys police series and mystery novels, a unique way to celebrate is by booking a murder mystery dinner in Barcelona. Don’t worry, you don’t need to actually kill anyone to add excitement to the evening. We take care of organising everything so that you can enjoy an event where everyone will have a great time uncovering the murderer.

These plans for unique hen dos or stag dos are fantastic occasions to gather the gang and celebrate the one who is leaving the group of singles to be tied down for life. It’s their choice, but since you can’t let this moment pass without a grand event, a Cluedo-style evening is the perfect and creative way to organise the hen do or stag do.

Crime in Barcelona, you are all suspects

The mystery dinner begins like any other dinner, in one of our restaurants for hen dos or stag dos. You sit down at the table to wait for your dishes to be served while perhaps discussing the journey to the restaurant. Things change when suddenly someone emerges from the kitchen announcing that a murder has been committed, and any one of you could be the killer.

There are characters hired to set the atmosphere for the experience. But what if none of them is the perpetrator and the person sitting next to you is responsible for the death? You look around and realise you can’t trust anyone, and everyone else looks at you in the same way. The game begins and everything is ready to celebrate a themed hen do or stag do where you’ll have to find out who has taken the victim’s life. A unique experience that will give you the best hen do or stag do ever.

Solve the mystery before dessert

As the dinner progresses, because you’ve come to dine and that’s what matters, between each course, some clues will be unveiled to try and solve the puzzle that will eventually expose the murderer. The actors can provide the keys that will lead you to uncover the method in which the terrible crime was committed, the motives and even the opportunity the criminal took advantage of. Imagine the bride or groom’s face if it turns out they are the culprit!

It doesn’t matter how many people attend the dinner. In fact, the more you are, the better, because the chances that the culprit will be harder to find multiply, making the dinner even more fun. Even those who do not have a fondness for the mystery genre will have a blast, because there is nothing like experiencing an episode like this from within, which can also have a touch of humour. After all, the aim is to have the best possible time, even if there’s a chalk outline of a human figure on the floor…

A brilliant idea for those looking for different hen dos or stag dos in Barcelona

We suggest this Cluedo dinner in Barcelona if you don’t like conventional plans. Having a good time eating in a restaurant is not a bad plan, but the truth is that it’s something you can do at any time. And a hen do or stag do deserves more. That’s why we organise these types of themed dinners, perfect for those who want to have a great time beyond the traditional. If you like detective novels, CSI-style TV shows, or you usually enjoy solving puzzles, we’re sure this mystery hen do or stag do is for you.

If you already know us, you know we specialise in organising hen do and stag do events that are far from usual. Our themed dinners gather groups of friends eager to have a great time and have something to talk about during the wedding and beyond. A murder mystery dinner in Barcelona is the best way to break away from monotony and outdated plans.

This hen do or stag do dinner has only one thing in common with the others: the reason for celebration. And there’s no better excuse to have a good time than paying tribute to someone before their wedding. Since you couldn’t convince the groom or bride that it’s unwise, at least go out and have a good time one last night.

Don’t hesitate and book a mystery dinner with us now that will leave no one indifferent. The most original way to celebrate a memorable hen do or stag do in Barcelona. Don’t wait for someone else to get ahead of you and tell you about it because the experience is worth living.

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