English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone
English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone

Where to organise an original dinner in Barcelona

We always have the same thing happen. We’re organising a get-together of any kind and we’re looking for places where we can have dinner. We don’t want to end up at the usual place, so we start looking and looking, comparing prices and realising that time is running out and we still haven’t chosen a restaurant.

And where do we end up in the end? At Manolo’s bar, which does very good croquettes, but it’s still the same plan we’ve been doing since we can remember.

How many times have you found yourself in a similar situation? More than once is too much. Especially because in Barcelona you have loads of places where you can organise a top-notch dinner, very original and far from the usual plan, which may still be enjoyed by someone but a change is appreciated from time to time.

Our hen and stag do restaurants are great for giving the tribute that the soon-to-be-married person deserves. But we must admit that not all dinners have to be for someone’s wedding.

Don’t worry because we want to talk about a place where you can find loads of ideas to organise an original dinner, whether it’s to gather the family, for work meetings or just to hang out with mates without there being a specific reason.

Company dinners don’t have to be boring

At Cenalia (www.cenabarcelona.com) you can find brilliant ideas for organising a unique work dinner in Barcelona that has little or nothing to do with the concept of a company dinner that you had in mind. The possibilities are so many that it’s difficult to choose just one. You can organise dinners with laughter therapy classes where you can learn more about the benefits of laughter, or where you can learn how to prepare the dishes you’ll have for dinner, a very interesting experience that also helps with team building, something that is sought in many activities related to the working world.

If it’s an event where a colleague’s retirement will be celebrated, a dinner with a show might be the best idea. Depending on the retiree’s sense of humour, a comedian or musical group can be arranged to entertain the evening. There are also magic shows, pranks during dinner and many other things, in reserved spaces throughout Barcelona or private rooms if you prefer a bit more intimacy.

Of course, it’s also a perfect plan for traditional end-of-year dinners, when companies treat their employees if the results have been good.

Family dinners in Barcelona

If what you want is to get the family together, don’t miss the opportunity to do it with a different touch. Celebrating granddad’s birthday at home can be great, but it’s even better to do it in a restaurant where a stand-up comedian can make fun of him or the rest of the family, right? And who says a birthday says an anniversary or any other reason for the whole family to get together for a while.
If you feel like enjoying yourself like a child, nothing better than a dinner in a ball pool and inflatable castle. Don’t think it’s reserved only for the little ones in the house, because at Cenalia they have one where adults can spend an evening jumping and rolling as if they were back in their childhood. An original dinner suitable only for those who aren’t easily embarrassed.

Themed dinners for all types of events

At Cenalia, they also do dinners for hen and stag dos, end-of-course meetings and loads of different ideas for any occasion. You can celebrate an evening of pure laughter, feel a bit of fear or experience a multitude of sensations, depending on what you like the most. With themed dinners, travelling back in time or experiencing the future is not only possible but closer than you might think. You just have to decide what you want the dinner to be like and you’ll find the perfect plan.
There’s no excuse to end up at the usual place, complaining that it was the only way everyone could make it to the dinner. For the same cost as booking in a restaurant, you can enjoy and make others enjoy a great celebration. With personalised shows that are very original, the most extravagant characters you can meet and as many options as reasons to organise an event.

Breaking the monotony is the best way to create good memories. An original dinner is sometimes what is needed to achieve this, and in Barcelona the guys at Cenalia serve it up on a platter.

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