English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone
English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone

Outdoor Sports in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city of many parts. It has many activities to go round. Whether one is given to enjoying the adrenaline rush or others who just want it nice and slow, Barcelona has them all covered. It is a city suitable for adventurers and fun-seekers that enjoy a wide variety of fun games. There are many outdoor games to be enjoyed in the City of Barcelona. This is mainly due to the fact of the city’s strategic location by the Mediterranean Sea, dotted by mountains and cliffs. This type of terrain provides for many fun and adventurous games and running.

The following are some of the best outdoor games that a visitor to Barcelona can be sure to enjoy over and over again.

  1. Rowing

Surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona is an ideal place to go rowing. One fantastic rowing location in Barcelona is the Parc de la Ciutadella. It has the best of what a great park should have. From lawns to shaded walkways, playgrounds and fountains, you can catch a glimpse of the beauty of nature by just rowing through the slow waters of the park. Rowing is a physical exercise good for keeping the body in top shape. There are boats to hire at the park for up to five people for no more than twenty dollars. The boat can be enjoyed from 10am till evening.

  1. Mountain Biking and Cycling

Bikers should find Barcelona a very interesting destination. The City is dotted with mountainous terrains which provide the right ambience for mountain biking. A trip to the Collserola or Montserrat Mountains in the countryside would satisfy the biking adventurer. These areas can be accessed both by car and local train services. Most of Barcelona City is flat and provides the right ambience for cycling. The roads are dry through the most part of the year and traffic in the City is fair. With a great network of bicycle lanes, there is just no excuse why a visitor to Barcelona should not rent a bike and explore the City.

  1. Mountain Climbing

Barcelona has a range of mountains around it. This is a great environment for people to climb to record heights for the best vacation pictures. The Montserrat Mountain for instance peaks at 1236 metres at Sant Jeroni and is a great place to make a memorable adventure. There are other elevated ranges in Barcelona that visitors can go climbing.

  1. Beach Volleyball

Barcelona is surrounded by some of the region’s most beautiful beaches. From the loud and entertaining, to the calm and peaceful, there is no shortage of sandy grounds to enjoy some fun time. At most of the beaches, sports facilities are provided for use by fun-seekers. One of such is the beach volleyball which is a team game and can be enjoyed by everyone in the travelling group.

  1. Beach Tennis

This is another sporting activity that the beach environment provides for. People can play table tennis or regular beach tennis at the beautiful beaches across Barcelona.

  1. Skateboarding

Barcelona is a great place for skating. The ultimate skating location in the city is the square in front of the MACBA in the Raval. The streets surrounding this great skating arena offer platforms for adults and children to mix, have fun and chat while preparing themselves to get on the move. Skating is a fun sport that Barcelona visitors should attempt before leaving the city.

  1. Horse Riding

Visitors will have the opportunity to gallop their way through the amazing greenery of nature’s beauty in Barcelona. Barcelona has some of Spain’s most beautiful natural parks and one can explore the terrain and take amazing photographs while on horseback. There are provisions for novices and intermediate horse riders so everyone in the group can have a taste of the galloping experience. There is a 5-hour horse riding experience at the parks and riders can ride horses that best suits them. For the faint-hearted, there are guides available who can ride along on horse backs and take one on a stroll into the forest. There are provisions for lunch at the stables so one can enjoy a whole day of activities with the horses.

  1. Sports Car Driving

This is great for the adrenaline junkies. Barcelona provides facilities for people to race with fantastic and luxurious sport cars. One can choose and book between a Ferrari and a Porsche Carrera for this ride. However, a valid driver’s license would be required for someone to participate in this sporting activity. There are multiple departure and arrival times so car race enthusiasts do not have to bother about what time of the day it is. Necessary safety equipment is provided and all fuel surcharges and taxes are factored into the fee. There are friendly and professional guides to provide direction for safety and maximum enjoyment.

  1. Bubble Football

This is a great outdoor sport that is offered in the heart of the City of Barcelona. It is a hilarious sport activity that will get you and your friends laughing uncontrollably. Players of this game would usually bump into each other wearing huge inflatable balls and trying to score goals. Players can participate in the regular bubble football and attempt to score one another or do the bubble sumo where they use the bubble to push each other out of the circle. There is even the bubble bulldog where players of one team can try to stop the others from moving on to the other side of the pitch. Whichever variation one chooses, there is a very high tendency for entertainment and fun videos that should get a million hits on the internet.

  1. Sky Diving

Again, for the very adventurous, there are many opportunities to sky-dive in Barcelona.  The free fall can happen around any of the cliffs or mountains that litter the countryside. All you need to do is to ensure that your safety kits and tips are not left at home.

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