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English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone

The 10 funniest stag do pranks

Is your friend getting married? Then the classic prank that will initially scare him, but later he won’t be able to stop laughing, cannot be missed. It is a classic that, at stag dos, a somewhat special prank is played on the future groom, therefore, in this article, we are going to suggest some of the best pranks for a stag do with which you will surely have a great time and remember for a lifetime. Just remember: don’t be mean and choose only one of these pranks, the briefer the better!

Conspiring actors, a classic among stag do pranks

There’s nothing better than being in a fancy restaurant, ready for a quiet evening when, suddenly, the fake waiters (the groom doesn’t know) start to show that they are not very good at their job… This is one of the options you can choose where the waiters will make a mess of your friend: they will drop the dish on the floor, pour his drink over him, etc. You can also opt to be enjoying a quiet dinner and, suddenly, something happens in the restaurant (someone has a heart attack, there is a supposed fire or whatever). Above all: record everything so that your friend always has this unforgettable and funny memory.
You can also hire a fake waiter who needs to be excessively friendly and ask the groom uncomfortable questions about his personal life and his relationship with the bride. He can also “accidentally” spill drinks or food on the groom, always without causing real harm. At the end of the night, reveal that the waiter was actually an actor and that everything was part of the prank.

The fake kidnapping

Hire a group of undercover actors to simulate a kidnapping of the groom. Make sure the groom is blindfolded and handcuffed, but without causing him harm. Then, take him to an unknown place, where they will reveal that it was all a joke and the real stag do will begin. Make sure to capture his reactions on video to enjoy later.

Waiting for the stripper

This stag do prank is also very, very good. It’s about having your friend tied to the bed, to a tree or a chair, whatever you want. You have to tell him that you tie him up like this because a stripper is going to put on a show and she has asked you to have him prepared like this. As soon as your friend is waiting for the girl, it’s time to start throwing eggs, pies, or whatever you can think of at him. He will be left without a stripper, unable to move and covered in dirt! He will never forget this, that’s for sure.

The fake bungee jumping

Make the groom believe he is going to experience an exciting bungee jump as part of his stag do. Take the groom, blindfolded, to a location that simulates the jumping platform, but is actually very close to the ground. Make sure all the gear looks authentic and have the friends act nervous and excited about the “jump”.
Once the groom is secured with a harness and ready to jump, count down and have him “jump” from the platform. Of course, he will only fall a few inches before hitting the ground. When he realizes he was close to the ground all the time, reveal that it was all an elaborate prank and celebrate with laughter and relief. Be sure to capture his reaction on video to remember this funny moment.

The classic among stag do pranks: the uncomfortable suit

Design an extravagant and flashy suit for the groom, which includes inappropriate and ridiculous elements, such as a tutu skirt or a giant hat. Then, take the group to a public place where the groom must wear the suit for a certain amount of time. Capture the reactions and laughter of passers-by with a camera. This is a very classic stag do prank but it always works.

Target practice prank for stag dos

Another very funny prank that is perfect for a stag do is to put the groom in the middle of a busy street of people, tie him to a tree and have the girls who pass by him have the opportunity to throw a pie at him but, before, the groom will have a chance to save himself. How? The girls will have to ask him a question, whatever they want, from general knowledge to guessing a song, if he doesn’t get it right he will get a pie in the face from one of the girls. Funny, isn’t it?

A very sexy policewoman

This is an idea that, at first glance, may seem very typical but if done well, will greatly surprise your friend. The idea is to prepare an evening full of glamour and elegance, even rent a limousine to get around the city. On one of these rides, a police officer will stop the vehicle and ask for your identification, at this moment, a very sexy police officer may appear who enters the limousine and starts to do a sensual striptease. The trick to make this prank good is to prolong the encounter with the police as much as you can and that, even, the groom gets scared. The surprise will be immense!

The surprise cocktail

Prepare a series of cocktails for the groom, but instead of alcohol, use ingredients like vinegar, lemon juice or hot sauce. Ask the friends to pretend to drink the cocktails and then watch how the groom reacts to tasting his “special drink”. Make sure to have a real drink ready for him after the prank.

The surprise box

Prepare a large box and decorate it like a gift. Inside, place a series of ridiculous and embarrassing items that the groom must use during the night, such as a wig, a pearl necklace, and women’s underwear. Make sure to capture his reactions on video as he unpacks each item. It is an economical stag do prank but very, very effective.

Hidden camera

You can also come up with one of the typical stag do pranks that are recorded on a hidden camera and that, afterwards, turn out to be very funny. For this to work, the best thing is, for example, to hire an actor to be in the bathroom (for example) and when the groom goes to use it, he appears dressed as a dead person, Jack the Ripper or whatever scares you the most. It will give him a death scare and, the best part, everything will be recorded!

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