English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone
English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone

Tips on how to organise a hen do

If organising a party is something that is never easy, when we talk about a hen do it can be mission impossible. Especially if you want everything to go smoothly, which is probably the intention you’ve been asked to handle it with. We’re going to give you the keys and advice on how to organise a stag do. Now it’s the turn of the ladies, who deserve to enjoy a send-off in style. Here are the best tips for the perfect party by Barcelona Hen Do.

15 tips to organise a hen do

1 – Know the bride

“Well, we’re off to a good start. If I have to organise the party, isn’t it because I know her?”, is probably what you just thought. But we’re not referring to you knowing her favourite colour and what she prefers to eat. We’re talking about knowing very well what she expects from the party. Sometimes, this will mean sacrificing the surprise factor, but it’s a small price to pay to ensure the success of the hen do.

2 – Talk to the bride

We know that sometimes the surprise is the best idea for a hen do, but that doesn’t mean that the groom doesn’t have anything to say about the kind of party he wants. You can discuss with him something that he would like to have at the celebration, or which of them he wouldn’t tolerate under any circumstances. This way you’ll know how to book or get some idea for the show that will entertain the evening.

3 – Create a group

Thanks to apps like WhatsApp or Telegram, you can create a “work group” for people to contribute ideas. This way you can adjust a budget, know what others think and notify about last-minute changes. Of course, don’t add the bride if you don’t want her to find out everything.

4 – Communicate with everyone

Once you have a group in which all the guests are aware of how things are going, encourage them to give their opinions and perhaps some idea to match schedules, dates, places, or notify of unexpected changes that could disrupt something from the plan.

5 – Set a budget and make sure they pay

This is a very important aspect for a celebration. You have to set a maximum approximate amount per guest for the hen do. This way everyone will know how much they have to contribute to cover their part and avoid unpleasant surprises. You could even decide that the groom goes for free or help one of the friends who is not in the best financial situation.

6 – Make sure they pay!

How much each person has to pay can give you an idea of what you can or cannot do during the celebration. Remember that it’s not the same to organise a hen do in winter, which will normally be a more intimate affair. Of course, set a deadline for everyone to pay their share and do not agree to advance the money yourself. You’ll avoid many problems this way.

7 – Trust an events company

With the budget in hand, consult with a professional organiser. The experience they can provide will help you achieve more without running around in circles. Contact us and you’ll see for yourself.

8 – Contact an organiser

Once you know what you roughly want and how much you can spend, it’s time to leave things in the hands of professionals. If you have attended any of our hen dos you already know who we are and how we work, and if you haven’t, you can surely chat with someone who knows us, either in person or through the comments left by those who have tried us on our social media.

9 – Make yourself heard

Remember that you are the one organising the party. So choose the options that you think the bride will like the most. If someone tries to get you to accept something that you don’t think is appropriate, stand your ground and don’t allow it.

10 – Be very clear

Don’t forget that you are the one in charge of organising the hen do, so you have the final say on what activities will take place. Select which of the proposals you have on the table might be most appealing to the groom and make it very clear that this is what you will be doing. This way there won’t be any hard feelings or long faces later.

11 – Explain the conditions

When hiring an events organising agency, there are some things to bear in mind. Explain very well to all the attendees what things can and cannot be done so that there are no problems or misunderstandings later. Consider that some hen do activities are not suitable for minors, for example, so if you want someone to come you’ll have to change the plan or they will have to go home when the main event of the night arrives.

12 – Book in advance

Don’t leave it to the last minute. As soon as you know what you want and when the party will be, book the venues and activities. This way you can ensure you don’t run out of slots, because they are usually limited.

13 – Collect the money in advance

Set a deadline by which everyone has to be up-to-date with payment. If someone hasn’t paid or starts dithering, it’s best to remove them from the list. You can always add them back when they give you the money. But above all, don’t let anyone attend the party without having paid their share because in the end, you’ll have to dig deeper into your own pocket.

14 – Keep a copy of the contract handy

Even though you’re having a party, it’s always good to have a copy of the contract just in case. Thus, if a problem arises or something doesn’t fit, you can resolve any misunderstandings that might occur.

15 – Relax! Everything’s ready

Most importantly, don’t stress out. Organising a stag do is a responsibility, but it’s also a lot of fun. Think about how much everyone is going to enjoy themselves and that the groom deserves everyone, including you, to enjoy the evening and the surprises we have in store.
If you leave everything in our hands and follow these simple tips, success is more than guaranteed. Surely the next time another one of your friends is getting married, they’ll ask you to organise their stag do. Although we’re not sure if that’s a good thing or not…

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