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English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone

What is a Divorce Party and How is it Celebrated

We all know what stag dos are, right? But in recent times a new concept has become popular: divorce parties. And what are they all about? Well, they involve organising a party or celebration if your marriage hasn’t turned out as expected…

Many couples decide to separate or divorce after getting married because the relationship isn’t working well. This is usually a difficult decision that signifies a major change in your lives and can be dealt with in different ways: either with tears or smiles. So, what do you prefer?

Separation or divorce, the beginning of a divorce party

A divorce or separation is, in addition to being a tough setback, an ideal moment to reinvent oneself, to discover oneself anew and to start living the life that one wants to live again. Therefore, why not celebrate it? As if it were a second chance, divorce parties have a very similar objective to stag dos: gather friends and prepare for an unforgettable night.
Instead of staying at home sad and desolate, choose to surround yourself with your loved ones and try to see the positive side of the situation. We all know that a break-up is always painful, but how much it hurts only depends on you and the way you face it. So put on your best face!

Activities at divorce parties

During divorce parties, multiple activities can be carried out depending on the preferences of the newly separated individual as well as their friends with whom they will celebrate. For example, the simplest ones involve organising a dinner at home and then going for a drink at a bar or nightclub.
But if you want something more memorable and fun, you can opt for organising original activities such as, for example, adventure sports, going on a weekend getaway or taking a sailboat ride. Any idea is good to celebrate that you are no longer married!

With this kind of parties, the ordeal of divorce is no longer a trauma but, rather, quite the opposite: an absolute party! Instead of feeling this moment as a rupture, it is best to see it as an opportunity, a moment to be free, with yourself and doing whatever you really feel like. So, with this scenario, why not organise a party?

Divorce parties are a ritual that comes from the United States and is now starting to be practiced in our country with the aim of putting a brave face on adversity and also boosting optimism in the face of this new stage. The ways to celebrate can be as varied as when celebrating a stag do and even include the role of the “Divorce Planner“, that is, a person in charge of organising your divorce party. This can include all kinds of activities, ideas for the celebration and even a stripper! Keep in mind that you are freer than ever so you can enjoy an erotic show without any remorse.

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