Limousine tour in Barcelona

ONLY 21€

  • Languages: English, French and Spanish

  • Duration: 1 hour tour

  • Price: 21€ per person (the price is like you were 12 people)

  • Maximum group: 12 people (the price may vary depending on the number of people and the limousine chosen)

  • Location: Barcelona

  • When: during the whole year, and any day or time depending on availability

  • Drinks: 2 bottles of champagne

  • Interior: Music entertainment system, DVD, TV, disco style interior lighting

Most popular and luxurious vehicles for you

It’s clear that not all brides-to-be are the same. Some prefer a traditional kind of do, others are more extreme and adventurous, and there are also those who simply look for the best and choose everything that’s luxurious and sophisticated, including when the time comes to say goodbye to her days as being single. If the bride-to-be and friend fits in to the latter profile, at Despidalia we offer you the perfect alternative for managing to organise an unforgettable hen do in Barcelona, for her and all attendees: a tour around the city in a fantastic and luxurious limousine.

Limousines for hen parties

We offer you the most popular and luxurious vehicles for enjoying a big celebration which will surely not lack any fun moments. Our elegant models by Hummer, Chrysler, Lincoln in pink for the most feminine, or white for the most classic girls, and a great Dodge Magnum are the alternatives that we have available for you to move around in Barcelona during that very special day in a way which is simply unforgettable.

chrysler - Limousine Tour - 21€
white hummer - Limousine Tour - 21€
white lincoln - Limousine Tour - 21€
pink lincoln - Limousine Tour - 21€
expedition - Limousine Tour - 21€
dodge magnum - Limousine Tour - 21€

limoint - Limousine Tour - 21€

Combine a limousine with another services

And this is just the beginning of an offer which is full of options because at Despidalia, we know that brides-to-be only want the best, which is why our limousine packs for hen parties are adapted to all tastes and demands. Add to this a luxury tour and the erotic presentation by a male stripper; choose a spa; a dinner, and a tapersex show to give the evening event a spicy touch, or prepare a night full of partying, and dancing in a nightclub with a free drink included.

There are plenty of alternatives and all you need is the desire to have a good time, so thanks to our professional team which is well-experienced in the organisation of hen do in Barcelona, it’s possible to offer the bride-to-be a totally unforgettable day in the company of her friends!

  • 2 bottles of champagne
  • Music entertainment system, DVD, TV, disco style interior lighting

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