English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone
English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone

Relax on the Best Beaches in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the best places in Europe and indeed the world to visit. It is a city known for its uniqueness in many areas. The landscape is beautiful; the people are known to be friendly and hospitable and there is much more to do in Barcelona than in many other places. Bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona has a list of beautiful beaches surrounding it. The city itself is lovely, and its skyline spectacular. In all, Barcelona is one place that tourists should seek to go for maximum enjoyment of vacation or leisure time.

There are 4.2 kilometres of sandy beaches just ten minutes from the Barcelona city centre and about four main beach areas. These are some of the best beaches in Barcelona that lovers of nature, sun-bathing and fun can take advantage of to meet their needs.

Barceloneta Beach

This is about the first beach and sometimes the busiest in Barcelona, especially during summer. Apart from being the busiest, Barceloneta beach is also reputed as Barcelona’s most entertaining beach. From drummers to singers and sand artists, there are always diverse activities to keep the huge number of tourists visiting the beach entertained. Located in the sea quarter neighbourhood, a traditional fishing district, the Barceloneta beach also offers lots of spicy Mediterranean seafood.

The beach offers a lot more than general entertainment and sea food. It provides many sporting facilities as well. Visitors can be sure to get involved in gymnastics, beach volleyball, beach tennis, table tennis and beach football.

There are numerous facilities as well to make one’s relaxation trip to this beach as comfortable as possible. The beach has adapted showers, public toilets, children’s games areas, changing rooms, bicycle parking areas, internet connection facilities, restaurants, ice cream and drink shops. There are dedicated spots for sun loungers and a beach information point. The safety of swimmers is assured with the lifeguard service and the security of fun-seekers is also enabled by the police presence at the beach. There is the bathing assistance service for people with reduced mobility at the beach as well.

Bogatell Beach

The Bogatell beach in Barcelona is located between Nova Icaria and Mar Bella beaches. It is located towards the north eastern part of Barcelona. It can be accessed by a short walk from the Bogatell Metro Station. Bogatell is a cleaner and calmer beach than the Barceloneta beach and offers a cozy atmosphere ideal for relaxation. However, the beach provides facilities for sport lovers to play basketball, beach football, beach volleyball, tennis and body exercises.

Services offered to ensure the safety and security of visitors to Bogatell beach include: lifeguards and safety, public toilets, beach umbrellas, kiosks for the sale of drinks and ice creams, bicycle parking facilities and local police presence. Because this beach is devoid of the bustling tempo of some other beaches in Barcelona, it is ideal for warm, restful sun-bathing sessions.

Nova Icaria Beach

This is another peaceful and relatively quiet beach in Barcelona that is ideal for families and groups seeking precious time together. This beach is situated at the centre of Barcelona’s coastline and is 400 metres long. It is a great destination for foreigners to visit and can be accessed by foot. Visitors to Nova Icaria beach tend to stay there longer because of its peaceful atmosphere which is great for relaxation.

The beach has equipment for a variety of games and sporting activities. Some include; a ping-pong table, two volleyball courts and a games area. There are special provisions at this beach for people with disabilities to enjoy bathing and have fun. The beach offers amphibian wheelchairs for such purposes and volunteer services to assist people with reduced mobility to go in and out of the water.

It has a cloakroom, adapted showers and public toilets, children’s game areas, changing rooms, sun loungers, and beach umbrellas. It also provides shops where drinks and ice creams can be purchased and restaurants were the best of Barcelonan cuisines can be bought and consumed. Local police, lifeguard and life vests are available at this beach to ensure safety and maximum security.

Ocata Beach

The Ocata beach lies towards the northern stretch of Barcelona. Many visitors prefer to visit Ocata beach because of its long and wide stretch which provide ample space for many activities. It is also a very quiet and peaceful beach, ideal for relaxation away from the bustling nature of the city. The waters around this beach are also known to be calmer and one can grab a book and read through a period of relaxation without much distractions. The water here is cleaner than and not as shallow as what is obtainable at some other beaches. The beach is located in the picturesque town of El Masnou and a great place to take pictures for memories. As a visitor to Ocata Beach, you can rent a hammock and relax on the stretch of sand all through the day. The beach can be accessed by train from Sants station or Plaza Catalunya.

St Pol de Mar Beach

This beach is always clean, golden and rich with activities. It is an ideal place for lovers to share their time because of its uniqueness in terms of location and feel. The beach area is dotted with some of the best restaurants in the area selling local cuisine. It is surrounded by some big houses that offer short rentals and can be used for big events.

This beach would offer a couple seeking an exquisite location for a wedding the best option in Barcelona. It offers a wonderful, simple and sweet seaside experience. Apart from cars, this beach can be accessed by train in Plaza de Catalunya from the Barcelona city centre.

The beaches of Barcelona are awesome. For lovers of entertainment, fun and peaceful outings, any of the beaches in Barcelona can offer you the best of what you seek.

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