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20 Things to do in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of most beautiful cities in Europe, and it is considered a cultural center. Traveling to Barcelona can be an unforgetting experience, and the city has so much to offer. It is good to have an idea of the greatest activities that you can do. This guide will help you by showing you the greatest activities around the Catalunyan capital.

1.      Explore the city

Barcelona is a very big city, but it still considered a city that can be explored by walking. Try to avoid the buses and public transportation, as walking is a better way to see the beautiful city of Barcelona. You can visit the beautiful buildings and parks of the city like the Juan Miro park, Montujic castle or the Ciutadella.

explore barcelona - 20 Things to do in Barcelona

2.      Concerts

Barcelona is a city that is well known for its concerts. It has some of the most beautiful concert halls in Europe, and the Gran Teatre del Liceu is a true sight to behold. It is recommended to check the tickets before going, as sometimes they can be sold out.

conciertos en barcelona - 20 Things to do in Barcelona

3.      Pintxos and vermouth

The traditional dish of Barcelona called pintxos is a small bite-size served on bread and is usually consumed with alcohol. One of the favorite places for pintxos is Basque club, and you can buy different types of dumplings, pinxtos and provolone. More sites are spread throughout the city and a little exploring will help you discover new places to eat.

pinchos in barcelona - 20 Things to do in Barcelona

4.      Montjuic Mountain

Montjuic Mountain is a perfect natural escape if you prefer nature to urban environments. You have to pay to visit the mountain and not many tourists visit it, but the fee is worth it. The nature is beautiful, and there are facilities in the mountain that were built for the Olympics of 1992.

montjuic - 20 Things to do in Barcelona

5.      Raval

Barcelona has a literary backdrop to it, and there are many writers who have found inspiration in Raval. This is often called Chinatown, and the neighborhood is an attractive sight for tourists, as many books have been inspired by this place.

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raval - 20 Things to do in Barcelona

6.      Learn about history

Each city you travel carries along with it a long history, that can be used a blueprint of the modern city. Barcelona is a city rich in heritage and cultures, and you can notice that in every step taken in the city. You can visit multiple museums and historical sites, and learn more about the Catalunyan culture and history.

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7.      Seafood

Barcelona is well known for its seafood cuisine, and because of its conventional geographical position, the seafood is delicious. You can find Rias de Galicia and Cachitos all over the city. The recipes are amazing and usually incorporate many seafood.

seafood in barcelona - 20 Things to do in Barcelona

8.      Art discover

Barcelona is one of the most artistic cities in Europe. Taking a walk through the beautiful streets of Barcelona will open your eyes to many types of art that can be found all over the city. It is home to one of the biggest museums in the world. You can find more than 225 paintings and sculptures inside.

arte en barcelona - 20 Things to do in Barcelona

9.      Discover Picasso’s works

Picasso called Barcelona a beautiful and brilliant city, and he spent the first years of his life there. You can visit the enclaves that shaped this huge artist, and you can discover more about the first steps in the life of one of the world’s most influential artists.

museo picasso barcelona - 20 Things to do in Barcelona

10.  Modernism

One of the greatest tourist attractions in Barcelona is the modernist architecture by the famous architect Gaudi. You can find a lot of his work spread through the city, with the most important ones being the Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Pedrera, Palau Guell, Casa Batllo and the Casa Vicens.

modernismo barcelona - 20 Things to do in Barcelona

11.  Religious exploring

Barcelona is home to some of the greatest looking churches in Europe, with excellently preserved examples of Romanesque architecture. The churches have fantastic facades and superb cloisters, with the most famous buildings being the Sant Pau del Camp and Santa Maria del Mar.

catedral de mar - 20 Things to do in Barcelona

12.  Catalan cuisine

The Cinc Sentits is one of the greatest restaurants in the city. The chef, Jordi Artal, maintains the tradition and culture of old Catalunyan cuisine. All the dishes are carefully prepared by the chef, usually with an exquisite blend of tastes, that leaves you wanting more and more.

cinc sentits - 20 Things to do in Barcelona

13.  The beach

Barcelona has a 4km shore of beaches, most of which are up for public access. You can just stretch your towel and enjoy the sunshine and the salty wind of the Mediterranean Sea. The climate is great and you are sure to enjoy your time on the beach.

Relax on the Best Beaches in Barcelona

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14.  Cater your sweet tooth

If you are feeling hungry for sweets, Barcelona has just the right answer. With the multitude of sweet shops, scattered all over the city, you are sure to find a sweet taste to please your sweet tooth. Each season brings its own special treats.

sweet shops in barcelona - 20 Things to do in Barcelona

15.  Partying

If you want to discover the lively side of Barcelona, then you are in for a treat. Barcelona has a lot of clubs, and most of them put up shows during the day. These give space to the nightclubs, which are some of the best in the Europe. You can find live music concert halls and even nightclubs that play the latest commercial and house music.

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16.   Explore the neighborhoods

Many people who visit Barcelona pay attention to the center of the city only, but they are missing a lot, because the city has more than that to offer. The traditional neighborhoods will satisfy your consumerist side, and the charm and warmth of the neighborhoods will make you feel at home.

neighborhoods barceloba - 20 Things to do in Barcelona

17.  Terraces

If you want to relax and enjoy a cold drink or cocktail, then a terrace is the perfect destination for you. Barcelona is famous for its terraces and cafes. These bars offer excellent views and a great atmosphere with music and drinks.

terraces barcelona - 20 Things to do in Barcelona

18.  Popular city holidays

The best time to visit Barcelona is in September, as the Feste de la Merce takes place in the center of the city. This festival showcases the Catalunyan culture and you can learn a lot more about the culture and tradition of the Catalunya community.

fiestas de la merce - 20 Things to do in Barcelona

19.  Shopping

Barcelona is a shopping center for many, with all the global retail stores having their own branch in the city. You can shop for clothes and you can also find traditional and historical clothes, that can make for a great souvenir display at home.

shopping in barcelona - 20 Things to do in Barcelona

20.  Rambla del Raval

Visiting the Rambla del Raval will unravel a world of controversy. Urban environments composed of luxurious hotels, restaurants, a ton of history; blended with a slight amount of poverty and trashy sites. This amazing contrast can be a breathtaking sight.

rambla del raval - 20 Things to do in Barcelona