English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone
English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone

Hiking Trails in Barcelona

Hiking is a long vigourous walk usually undertaken on foot paths or trails in the countryside. This type of walk is mainly done for pleasure. Barcelona is one city that is famous for the daytime activities and night experiences as well, it offers its visitors. From entertainment to relaxation to great food and pleasure, anybody who visits this unique city is sure to enjoy much of its sights and sounds. Hiking is one activity that can be enjoyed by visitors to explore Barcelona.

The best hikings trails in Barcelona

Throughout Barcelona and indeed the entire district of Catalonia, you can find great wilderness and hills that are open for exploration from people seeking to burn some fat away and clear some toxins from their systems. Because of its unique position between mountains and sea, Barcelona offers great options for hiking and is one of the best places in Europe to visit for the purpose of hiking. We will now explore some of the areas of Barcelona that offer breathtaking views and terrains ideal for hiking.

1. Monserrat Mountain

Just 65 kilometres away from the bustling city, Monserrat Mountain offers one of the best hiking trails in Barcelona. It provides great views of the countryside and has a lot to offer in terms of closeness to nature. The lush bushes and their inhabitants make hiking in Monserrat Mountain a wonderful experience.

Hikers can take advantage of one of the best known hikes to ascent to the peak of Sant Jeroni which is about 1236 metres, to capture the panoramic views of the landscape and to take breathtaking photographs. The Benedictine Abbey on the mount is also a great place to stop over on the trail to learn about and enjoy the cultural inclinations of this location. Monserrat Mountain can be reached by train from Barcelona or by car.

2. Collserola Park

This park is located about ten minutes from Barcelona city centre and is part of a protected area. It is a good hiking arena for beginners. The Collserola Park offers great experience for lovers of nature because of its lovely flora and fauna. The Tibidabo is the peak of this hiking trail and stands at about 521 metres. There is a natural waterfall around which is another great sight to behold.

From this peak, one can have awesome views of Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea. There are over ten million trees, 1000 plant species and over 190 vertebrates to look out for in this 8000-hectare park. The park can be accessed by the local train service. There is an information centre at Baixador de Vallvidrera where tourists can obtain most of the information they need to move about and enjoy this natural environment.

3. The Montsant Mountain Range

This mountain range is one of the most unusual places in the region. It is compact and surrounded by cliffs. Apart from providing hikers the best of trails for maximum pleasure and body exercise, it leads them to the roots of some of the region’s best kept religious legacies. Montsant in the Catalonian language means Holy Mountain. This place is a designated natural park and offers hikers the opportunity to connect with nature by the kind of birds and animals available there.

The highest point of the mountain range is called La Roca Corbatera and is 1163 metres high. Hiking through the mountains will afford visitors the opportunity to see the medieval town of Mont Blanc, the hermitages and the nature-protected Poblet. This beautiful and unusual scenery can be reached by car.

4. Baix Emporda

This is another ideal hiking trail suitable for all calibers of hikers. It has a footpath network of 370 kilometres and this means that every hiker can create his own distinctive route within the interconnected paths. This vast network of paths will help the visitor to discover the uniqueness of the surrounding territories. The routes are marked and hikers are expected to plan their routes to get the best out of their movement within the region.

5. Montseny Mountain

Another great hiking trail in the Barcelona region is the Montseny Mountain. Located over 60 kilometres away from the city, this mountain is a great place to let off excess energy and build a strong body. There are numerous hiking trails starting from Fontmarina. It is crossed by two long distant hikes as well called the GR5 and GR2.

For hikers who would appreciate natural views and who can easily fall in love with nature, the Montseny Mountain is the place to go. The natural park is a UNESCO designated biosphere. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking and provides much for the photo-loving tourists. Hikers can be sure to see the beech gove of Montseny, the waterfalls and grottos of Fai and the Turo de L’Home which is the highest peak of the mountain at 1712 metres.

6. Costa Daurada

This location has a great variety of hiking trails. It has enough trails and views to make the hiking adventure exciting as well as memorable. The good thing about hiking in the Costa Dorada is that the weather is suitable for the activity, especially during autumn and spring. But hikers can visit this place all-year long and be sure to have a wonderful experience.

Hiking, nice activity and healthy

When hiking in Barcelona, there are several nice things to be expected. The scenery is gorgeous; the woods, the animals, mountains and cultural sites. There are dedicated information centres and tourist guides who provide the needed guidance for tourists. The hiking trails in Barcelona will provide an opportunity for visitors to have an aerial outlook of the city and its environs and enjoy the pleasure of looking at them. It will also connect them with nature because of the unique natural habitats that surround the hiking trails in Barcelona. A visit to the Monserrat Mountain, Collserola Park, the Montsant Mountain Range, Baix Emporda, Montseny Mountain and Costa Dorada, among other hiking sites in Barcelona will offer unforgettable experiences for hikers. This is why Barcelona is a special place.

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