English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone
English - Barcelona Hen Do Spanish - Despedidas de soltera y soltero en Barcelona French - EVJF et EVG à Barcelone

Funny t-shirts for hen and stag dos

You’ve been tasked with organising a full-on hen or stag do. You’ve got nearly everything ready, but you feel there’s a detail missing to top off the party. Could it be some t-shirts with funny messages? You might not have thought of it, but funny t-shirts for hen and stag dos are the latest trend to surprise both the party-goers and those who see you passing by. Want to know why you should use them and get some ideas for making them?

An Alternative to Costumes

Funny t-shirts for hen and stag dos are a historical tradition; these celebrations have been marked by the use of original and amusing costumes. Sometimes it’s only the future bride or groom who wears one, while the rest of the group might just laugh at how they’re dressed, or wear another outfit that complements the main attraction.
However, there are always those typical friends who don’t want to be embarrassed. And as it’s not good to force people to do something they don’t want to do (even if it’s the most fun), a good alternative is to wear t-shirts with a message that sets you apart from the rest.

T-shirts for Groups

The ideal is to match the t-shirt worn by the bride or groom with the ones that the other participants are going to wear. Check out what you think of these combinations. The first phrase is what the bride/groom will wear, and the other is for the rest:

  • Bride/Groom – team member
  • I’m getting married! – Thankfully, I’m not
  • Crazy about love – Simply crazy, I need no more
  • I’m marrying [name] because they’re beautiful inside – We’ll see about that, when are you peeling them?
  • I’m marrying [name] – They’re marrying against [name]
  • Relax, I’m keeping them – Thank goodness!

In reality, these are just a few ideas, because the ideal is for you to decide something like this and print it on the t-shirts. All you need is a little imagination to find something that will make an impact.

Ideal for a Themed Party

If you’re organising a party that revolves around a central theme, the best thing is to choose original items for hen/stag dos that help create a greater atmosphere. For example, if you organise a sailor-themed party, with a t-shirt where the bride or groom goes as the captain, while the rest of you look like sailors or mermaids, it’s sure to be very fun.

It’s All About the Details

Some may not attach importance to whether you wear t-shirts, costumes or go as you prefer. However, the success of a party lies in the details. And if you want to enjoy original hen dos, it’s best to do it in style. The classic miss bands are no longer in fashion, mainly because they are an old custom. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with it, but it’s appreciated when there are more innovative, different ideas.

The t-shirts bring freshness to the hen/stag do because it’s unlikely that there will be two exactly alike. Especially if you’ve chosen the message yourself. What will you put on the t-shirts for the next party?

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